Deploy Gamma’s ‘cloud first’ solutions to consolidate your comms infrastructure.

Shrinking budgets. Increased scrutiny. they’re shaking up Government and public sector IT spending. But making economies must never compromise public services.

So there’s a real need to work with suppliers who can innovate and help liberate the true value of existing IT and telecoms investments. Because doing more with less has never been as important.

That’s why public sector procurements are now all about achieving specific outcomes. Not the technologies, products and solutions used to achieve them. It’s an approach that favours alert and quick thinking vendors. Those not afraid to be disruptive. Those prepared to take a different path to the entrenched legacy suppliers.

Learn more about how our voice, connectivity and mobile products can help you achieve your comms goals by contacting Gamma or one of our specialist partners.


  • Guidance to Direct Award (Network Services 2 RM3808)

    The Network Services 2 (RM3808) framework agreement offers organisations a range of Telecommunication and ancillary services across 13 lots. This framework allows organisations to select services by Direct Award or Further Competition. 

    Direct award is available on all 13 lots, where supplier Service Offers are shown in the Government eMarketplace catalogue, and offers a quick and flexible way to procure services from an approved supplier on the framework.

  • Is Direct Award compliant?

    Yes, purchasing services via Direct Award is fully OJEU compliant, without the need to run a Further Competition. All suppliers who list services on the Government eMarketplace for Direct Award are fully approved by the CCS, so organisations considering Direct Award can purchase in confidence.

  • When is Direct Award suitable?

    If you know the services you require, the Direct Award route offers organisations the ability to identify, evaluate and select suitable service offers in a catalogue format. This is a CCS approved procurement route and can help organisations purchase services more quickly and without the need for a lengthy Further Competition process.

  • When may Direct Award not be suitable?

    For more complex requirements, or when you require bespoke requirements or Special Terms, the Further Competition route should be used.

    Our specialist consultants can offer additional guidance on when the Further Competition route may be more suitable.

  • How do I use Direct Award?

    Live Service Offers from approved suppliers can be found in the technology catalogue in the Government eMarketplace, where you can search, evaluate and select the Services required. Your organisation will need to register as a Buyer to be able to access the catalogues. More information on registering can be found here.

    Once you have completed your evaluation of the relevant Service Offers, you can place an order for your chosen offer by completing the Call-Off Order Form. More guidance here

  • What if I cannot find a suitable Service Offer?

    If after searching the catalogue you are unable to find a suitable Service Offer for your organisation’s requirements, you can issue a Request for Information (RFI) to all the Suppliers on the chosen lot. Approved Suppliers then have the opportunity to respond with an existing Service Offer, or can upload a new Service Offer to the catalogue to meet your requirements.

    Useful links

    Register for eMarketplace –

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    CCS Buyer’s Guidance to Direct Award –

  • What are the reasons citied by customers for using Gamma?

    When we introduce our offerings – such as Horizon, SIP or Unified Comms – into public sector organisations, it drives out huge amounts of costs and turns highly complex organisations into easy-to-manage infrastructures.

  • Why should we choose Gamma?

    Because we know that public sector procurements are now all about achieving specific outcomes; it is not about the technologies, products and solutions used to achieve them. This approach does not suit entrenched legacy suppliers who are unable to match the agility of vendors like Gamma.

  • How can you help us achieve the outcomes we need?

    We seek to engage with your long-term ICT strategy and provide a transparent route to procurement, delivery and ongoing management. We understand the budget pressures you are facing and will work with you to increase the impact of every pound you spend, making your budgets go further.

  • How can you help with flexible working?

    Gamma’s solutions offer intelligent call routing, fixed/mobile integration and unified communications. These can be integrated with Microsoft Skype® for Business and leading CRM tools such as Salesforce to help your staff work and collaborate more effectively.

  • Which public framework accreditations do you hold?

    We are accredited with the following frameworks: Crown Commercial Services RM3808 (Network Services 2); GCloud 10; Scottish Procurement Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System; Health and Social Care Network Access Services RM3825; Jisc Telephony Purchasing Service (Janet); Parish Buying, and Kent County Supplies (KCS) Telephony Services.

    CCS Framework Janet connected  gamma gcloud  Parish Buying   HCSN-Gamma-Compliant   scottish government framework

  • What customer services do you offer?

    Support is provided by our friendly, UK-based team and is available 24×7. Also bear in mind that more than 98% of our customers remain with us after the first year of service, one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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We’ve seen massive savings - in the order of 40-50% on a previously circa £100,000 bill - and with the capacity for 60 concurrent calls we’ve loads of headroom; we never get anywhere near that. Now, rather than multiple numbers, one for tax, one for waste disposal and so on, we’ve a single number and that makes it so much easier for people to interact with us.

Richard Mobberley
Intelligent Client Officer

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The flexibility of the Horizon platform enables us to quickly re-route calls and easily scale-up capacity to seamlessly handle an influx of enquiries during our busiest times. The reporting and management capabilities from the Cloud Contact Centre solution means that we can now forecast for times like this, ensuring we have the right number of agents ready to answer every incoming call.

Neil Carden
Lead IT Support Technician

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With the support of Gamma, the set-up process was slick. The Horizon portal was also very straightforward, with everything being set up in under a day.

Sajid Hussain
IT Network and Telecoms Manager, Worcester University

Brands that trust Gamma.

Gamma’s customer service has been second to none, they deal with any issues promptly and their Inbound service means we can easily divert lines in an emergency.

Sue Smith
ICT Service Desk Manager, First Wessex