Access to the UK's only business only mobile network

Traditionally, business has been hamstrung by limited access to good value, reliable data services, often having to rely on products initially created for the consumer market.

Gamma Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to deliver improved coverage for voice and data via your device that empowers, not hinders, conducting business while on the move.

Learn more about how our voice, connectivity and mobile products can help you achieve your comms goals by contacting Gamma or one of our specialist partners.

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At Gamma we understand that the future is all about data – so we provide our business customers with access to the biggest mobile data service in the UK, giving them a better overall mobile experience. Gamma offers private APNs, where data leaves our mobile network directly onto a company’s infrastructure, giving a company better data control and security.


  • What support do you offer?

    With Gamma Mobile, you get the same service excellence we already deliver for our other telecom services. Our UK support teams are co-located so you can always get through to the right person to handle your query, and our teams are experts in both fault resolution and provisioning.

  • Can we keep our existing numbers?

    With Gamma Mobile there’s no need to update your business cards – it is easy to port your existing number onto the Gamma network or take out a new one.

  • Can we trust our mobiles to Gamma?

    We are already one of the UK’s largest providers of fixed voice services and applications for thousands of UK businesses – and you can rest assured we have applied the same expertise and experience into making our mobile network and support services business class.

  • What if we use a lot of data?

    We have a range of tariffs to suit any data requirement. Whether browsing or messaging, our data network will give you the speeds/connectivity you need. We also do not cut you off when you reach your threshold – instead an alert is sent letting you know you are reaching your limit.

  • Can I roam overseas?

    Gamma Mobile can help you control your expenditure when roaming overseas. We have a range of Business Traveller bolt-ons to suit your schedule, reducing the risk of bill shock and unexpected data charges.

  • What tariffs are available?

    We offer a range of business mobile deals with tariffs including pay-as-you-use, single user, shared user and unlimited, plus a selection of bolt-ons including text, business mobile data, and international roaming. Alternatively, we can create a bespoke package tailored to your needs.

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