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What is Simple Swap?

Gamma has prepared all the ingredients necessary to tackle the All-IP network migration and put them in one place.

Simple Swap combines Gamma connectivity with unified communications. We can seamlessly provide SoGEA and organise the number porting whilst supplying our VoIP solution PhoneLine+ or the award-winning communication platform Horizon or our market leading SIP trunking.

Together this makes one quick, easy and straightforward package for a successful PSTN to All-IP migration.

*Integrated porting, where we align the date of the broadband order and port is currently only available for SoGEA orders when porting
BT Openreach numbers.

Get to know Simple Swap

What does Simple Swap consist of?

PhoneLine+ a simple landline replacement service offering all the benefits of a phone line and access to more features designed to make life easier and improve customer experience.

Horizon is Gamma’s complete business phone system- a hosted communications service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities

SIP Trunking is a flexible and low-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. And is compatible with all the leading IP PBX brands in the UK market, giving you peace of mind that your PBX hardware works with the network service.

SoGEA provides a modern broadband connection without the need for a traditional phone line

Number porting enables customers to keep their existing phone number when they change their service provider *


* Integrated porting, where we align the date of the broadband order and port is currently only available for SoGEA orders when porting BT Openreach numbers.

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Get to know Simple Swap

Why was Simple Swap created?

To help you give businesses a ready-made solution to tackle the PSTN switch off.
It gives you a simple way to gain new customers and recurring revenue, while offering the ability to receive future order updates and changes automatically. It also resolves problems with
porting voice to IP at the same time as migrating broadband to SoGEA. With Simple Swap, customers get connectivity services and number porting all at the same time.

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Get to know Simple Swap

What problems does Simple Swap solve?

With the fast-approaching PSTN switch off drawing ever closer Simple Swap enables you to move your legacy telephone and legacy broadband lines (e.g. PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and FTTC) customer base to IP products and services quickly and easily. Simple Swap is uniquely designed to bring together all the solutions necessary for a smooth migration with minimal disruption to you and your customers. We can seamlessly provide the broadband connection and organise the number porting whilst supplying our VoIP and UC solutions meaning there is less for you to manage and less that can go wrong


The Simple Swap Solution


PhoneLine+ replaces a traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.


SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. It replaces the need for a traditional phone line to deliver broadband. SoGEA delivers the same speeds, uses the same infrastructure as FTTC broadband and has the same geographic availability, future proofing connectivity as the UK moves to All-IP.


Horizon Cloud PBX is Gamma’s complete business phone system – a hosted communications service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that enables you to take exacting control of your telephony.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides you with all the benefits of Gamma SIP Trunks together with a centralised inbound call management service with a host of features, accessed through an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app. SIP Trunk Call Manager offers powerful business continuity as standard, giving you the ability to manage your entire number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls. It enables you to consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform, meaning that you’ll never miss a call.

Why Gamma?

Quite simply, working with Gamma will enable you to banish worries of you customer losing service by the joined up SoGEA and number porting dates whilst supplying to our market leading and award winning unified communication solutions.

We offer an extremely low cost-to-serve provisioning method, ensuring you maximise revenues whilst simultaneously delivering exceptional customer service through a digital provisioning and dedicated intuitive portal allowing you to place orders three times faster than the previous ordering journey.

  • The Simple Swap solution is unique to Gamma
  • Our channel partners feedback is at the centre of our development
  • We make the transition to All-IP seamless and worry free
  • We have major porting agreements with all providers
  • We have award-winning business only network and products

  • What does All-IP mean?

    All-IP means ‘one network for everything’. It’s a faster and more flexible infrastructure that is designed to power voice, broadband, and additional services via one single line, without the need for a traditional phone line. All-IP is set to replace the UK’s public switched telephone network (PSTN) by 2025.

  • How will All-IP benefit my customers?

    With improved speeds, enhanced reliability, and reduced operational costs, All-IP is the sensible choice for any organisation that wants to enhance its system functionality and prepare for the upcoming PSTN switchover in advance of the 2025 deadline.

  • How will All-IP benefit Channel Partners?

    Soon, All-IP will be a necessity, not an option. By making use of the robust suite of training and support resources available with Simple Swap, our All-IP migration solution, our Accredited Partners can introduce better, faster connectivity services to their own clients and successfully manage their transition from PSTN to the future of broadband in the UK.