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In a world dominated by mobility and the consumerisation of technology, users demand an effortless experience. They want to use WhatsApp, Twitter, web chat, email, SMS, Facebook and cleverly routed calling to connect. As customers have become channel agnostic, the medium for communication has become less important than the convenience of use and the immediacy of response.

Gamma is partnering with Cirrus, a leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, to deliver a contact centre capability as part of Horizon, the UK’s number one hosted cloud platform.

Our Cloud Contact Centre solution delivers a contact centre capability that works seamlessly with your Gamma voice service.

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What makes Cloud Contact Centre special?

Omni-channel Communication

The average consumer operates across multiple media and multiple devices, seamlessly moving from one to another, often in the course of a single interaction. They expect businesses to be able to match this behaviour during customer service interactions.

Omni-Channel offers a range of proprietary applications to enable engagement with your customers in the most responsive and effective way, whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

Now you can easily launch new service channels and deliver a unified customer experience, regardless of whether it is through email, chat, video chat, SMS, MMS, voice, social media or app stores.

Omni-Channel features a single layer dashboard for all channels, synchronous and asynchronous. It enables contact centre managers to provision a single team for all digital channels. Agents can carry out multiple engagements across different channels, simultaneously.

The Omni-Channel platform provides a single integration point to CRM, consolidating data from all current and future channels. Agents are able to transfer customers between channels, if required, and can view an engagement history across all channels.

Connected Technology

Leverage the connected technology stack to explore new ways of working; risk free and at minimal cost. Create new services quickly and easily in your personal sandbox and take them for a test drive. For more complex configurations, experts are available to lend a hand. It’s all part of the service.

Everything you might need is already live and connected to the network. There is no additional software to install, no servers to provision or racks to commission. You have access to instant provisioning and near limitless scalability.

Conversational AI

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of emerging technologies that will revolutionise the way customers engage with online support. However, not all AI systems are created equal.

We’d like to introduce you to Cirrus AI, the conversational AI that will transform your online customer experience and deliver highly qualified leads to your sales teams.

The first thing you need to know about Cirrus’ AI is that it’s not just another chatbot. Chatbots provide prescribed responses to pre-loaded questions. They engage in question and answer exchanges, they don’t think outside the box and they aren’t capable of holding a fluid conversation. The conversational AI is capable of reading and contextualising the information on your website before engaging in meaningful dialogue with users.

The conversational AI learns from historical interactions to deliver content that is outcome driven and will serve information tailored to user profiles and preferences.

The more interactions the conversational AI engages in, the more it learns; aggregating knowledge and experience to deliver consistent, accurate and contextually relevant information.

The conversational AI is capable of holding thousands of simultaneous conversations, but it also knows when it’s time to pass a customer over to an experienced sales or contact centre agent.

Artificial Intelligence will never replace person-to-person interaction. However, it will help improve and inform those interactions, transforming your contact centre and driving more effective engagement.

AI may lack the essential emotional intelligence that makes us human, but it delivers improvements in business process optimisation, agent productivity and customer experience. It frees up time that could be spent upskilling agents and allows them to focus on what they do best, engaging with customers.

The conversational AI is inexpensive and simple to deploy across your digital estate with just a snippet of code. There’s nothing artificial about its intelligence.

Smart Deployments

Many years of successfully deploying hundreds of new systems has led to the development of a smart deployment strategy. Rather than waiting for a quiet time, we want you to migrate when you’re busy. This is when you will have the most contact centre and IT staff available to provide support.

First of all, we will have decoupled the pain of telephone line switchovers from the project by having your lines ported (or pointed) to the Gamma platform long before the planned go-live date. Calls would be delivered back to your existing system and we would simply sit as an overlay.

Of course, functional and load testing will have taken place. However, we aim to reduce the time between training and go-live by training agents on the day of the launch. Working with Cirrus, we typically take a group of agents aside and conduct a 20-minute training session before getting them back to their desks and straight on to the Cirrus platform, handling live calls.

The test group only will be using the new system, all other agents will be using the legacy system, so there is no hard cut-over. We continue to migrate users a group at a time, until your entire contact centre is using the Cirrus platform. This is a low-risk approach with little or no impact on customer calls.

Exceptional Service

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. In fact, not all cloud solutions are cloud at all. Some “cloud” service providers are actually providing a hosted solution. In some instances, this is a hybrid hosted and on-premises solution dedicated to an individual customer deployment.

Some of these hosted platforms operate with legacy resilience methods, based on Active and Standby servers (typically across two data centres) with SIP trunks split across the two halves of the system. If the Active system fails, services are redirected to the Standby system, with a typical RTO of 30-60 minutes. This is not true cloud.

The Cirrus Cloud is a single platform instance that is live for every customer across three data centres, providing greater resilience. Contact centre traffic is live across all three data centres at all times and agents are connected to all three data centres simultaneously. Calls are load balanced across the three data centres, based on their origin or destination. There is no single point of failure within the system and data is synchronised across all three data centres every 100ms.

The unique design of the Cirrus platform means uptime can be guaranteed at 99.999% with an industry-leading RTO and RPO of just 60 seconds.


  • Is Cloud Contact Centre reliable?

    Yes. The unique design of the Cloud Contact Centre platform means uptime can be guaranteed at 99.999% with an industry-leading RTO and RPO of just 60 seconds.

  • How will this technology improve my customers experience?

    Horizon Contact Centre from Gamma enables you to connect with your customers anytime, from anywhere; effortlessly managing interactions across multiple channels. Recognised as one of the most innovative cloud-based telephony and virtual contact centre solutions on the market, it provides personalised customer journeys, every time.

  • Will Cloud Contact Centre help with productivity and efficiency?

    Horizon Cloud Contact Centre from Gamma delivers an excellent customer experience, but a contact centre also needs to be efficient and deliver a return on investment. We work with you to deploy the solution in a way that optimises your environment; allowing you to choose the capabilities that best suit your business.

  • How is Cloud Contact Centre priced?

    When it comes to pricing we believe in transparency and simplicity. Customers can tightly control costs in a dynamic contact centre environment, using a named user model. Based on concurrent users and calculated daily, scaling up or down can be done rapidly, without incurring penalties.

  • Can Cloud Contact Centre integrate with my existing platforms?

    The platform has been designed with ease of integration at the heart of the system. The result is a cloud solution that integrates quickly and easily with your website, CRM or back-office application and without the usual systems integration costs.

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