Stay connected with 4G Fast-start and Backup

We understand how important connectivity is for your business and how frustrating it can be to wait for your broadband service to be set up.

Gamma 4G Fast-Start has been designed to get your business up and running immediately over robust 4G connectivity – even before your broadband has been installed.

We also know your business needs to stay connected, no matter what happens. This is why if anything goes wrong after installation, our 4G Backup service takes over until the issue is resolved, with no additional action required on your part.

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Why does your business need 4G Fast-start and Backup?

How does Fast-start work?

4G Fast-start is a connection to the Gamma network that provides an instant data service until the primary Ethernet circuit goes live. A 4G router and SIM are supplied within a few days of an order being placed. Once the SIM is activated on the Gamma network, an Internet data connection is available to use. Fast-start is ideal for any business that is on the move or upgrading its connectivity services.

When the primary Ethernet circuit is activated, the Fast-start service is automatically transitioned into Backup requiring no further configuration. There are no hidden usage charges, giving your business peace of mind and the reassurance that you will always be connected.

How does Backup work?

When the 4G router detects the primary Ethernet service has lost connectivity, the router automatically switches over to the 4G Backup service to support Internet connectivity over mobile broadband. Mobile internet is facilitated by the inbuilt SIM, connecting to the 4G network in a few seconds and reducing downtime to a minimum.

The router will automatically revert to the primary Ethernet connection when service is restored. 4G Backup does not activate if the Ethernet connection is degraded or to “boost” bandwidth.


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