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No matter the size or sector, customers are at the heart of any business. In today’s digital world, customer requirements have transformed and grown – with a world of choices at their fingertips, providing them with speed, convenience and knowledge has never been so important.

To provide seamless and personalised experiences, businesses require the right customer contact solutions. Additionally, with remote working becoming the norm, equipping your agents with a modern solution that allows them to work from anywhere is vital.

Gamma’s customer contact centre solutions provide your business with innovative cloud-based technology, designed to improve your customer experience by connecting with your customers anytime, anywhere.

With products to suit any size business – small, large or enterprise we have a cost effective solution to meet your business needs

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What makes Gamma the right choice?

Simplify customer engagement with the contact centre for Horizon

Traditionally, contact centre capability has been the sole domain of large businesses and enterprises. Hamstrung by limited IT resources and budgets, SMEs have been unable to reap the benefit of a modern, experience-driven customer contact solution.

This is no longer the case with a cloud-delivered solution designed to meet the needs of SMEs and deliver a better experience for your customers, at a price you can afford. With simplified customer interactions across voice, email and chat, your agents will be able to easily meet your customers wherever they prefer – without added complexity.

Cloud contact centre technology aligned to your enterprise business needs

As customer demands grow and change, enterprises not only need to meet their needs, but also anticipate them and actively evolve with them. A feature-rich customer contact solution can meet the demands of the most demanding enterprise needs and customers by leveraging leading-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI). With an advanced set of features, including chatbots, video and social media integration, your enterprise will be able to provide the best caller experience while maximising agent efficiency.


  • How can contact centres improve service levels?

    Contact centres provide customers with multiple means of getting in touch with your team. Giving your audiences the option to use the channel(s) they feel the most comfortable with is a guaranteed way to improve the customer experience (and increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your brand). Internally, your staff will be able to manage a customer’s entire pathway with one system, and use this technology to improve their knowledge of the individual’s journey for a more informed and effective approach to communication at every stage of the funnel.

  • What does CCaaS mean?

    Contact Centre as a Service – abbreviated to CCaaS – refers to the model that is used to provide businesses with the cloud-based technology they need to manage and optimise their contact centre. With this approach, companies will only ever pay for what they need – so CCaaS is a great option for firms that want a more scalable and cost-efficient means of managing their customer service operations.

  • What is contact centre technology?

    Contact centre technology helps to automate the processes that typically take place in, to and from a customer service department. The right software (or collection of software) will provide your staff with the digital means of monitoring customer correspondence, improving their service levels, implement appropriate compliance measures, and control service delivery costs.

  • What is a customer contact centre?

    At its core, a customer contact centre is a central resource from which a business can manage all its customer interactions. Unlike a call centre, which typically only facilitates inbound and outbound calls, a customer contact centre handles enquiries and feedback on and from a variety of digital channels, including (but not limited to) email, live chat features, social media, text messaging, and video conferences. Essentially, it allows customers to contact your business using their preferred method whilst ensuring that correspondence from multiple touchpoints remains manageable within your organisation.

  • Why is customer contact so important?

    From your customers’ perspective, having fuss-free, responsive access to your staff will improve their experience of your organisation, and in turn increase their satisfaction with your product or service. From an internal standpoint, your employees need to be given the tools and resources to maintain a good level of customer service – and the right customer contact strategy will plug any gaps to ensure communication is seamless, consistent, and delivered in the appropriate format.