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To ensure already tight budgets go further, healthcare providers are constantly seeking new ways to help staff work, communicate and collaborate more effectively to the benefit of their patients.

With a proven track record in successful healthcare partnerships, Gamma’s solutions allow staff to work smarter while unlocking powerful flexible working functionality. Patients benefit as well, as our solutions are designed to support the delivery of joined-up healthcare services.

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Health and Social Care Network

Gamma for Health and Social care

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is a “network of networks” for organisations who provide health and social care services to communicate with each other, exchange data and access NHS core applications, enabling tighter collaboration in an efficient and secure way. It is a key stepping stone to digital transforming the patient experience.

It is a direct replacement for N3, with a robust process for migrating your old N3 connections to new HSCN connections, including IP addresses

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But it’s not only about migrating services from the old N3 network. It’s also about allowing access to broader health and social care organisations, such as pharmacies or opticians who currently do not have N3 connectivity but need it to operate effectively. It also extends to local government, ambulance and police too.

Private sector organisations who work in the health and social care sector can get an HSCN connection too.

What you need to do to connect to the HSCN

Why talk to Gamma?

We are proud to be an accredited Consumer Network Service Provider (CNSP) for HSCN services

Founding member of Innopsis

As a founding member of Innopsis, we have helped to shape what HSCN looks like through close supplier interaction with NHS Digital.

Expertise in Healthcare

Our experts will help you transition from your legacy N3 connections.

Flexible connectivity options

We offer a number of connectivity options to suit your requirements from a single broadband connection, MPLS network or 4G.

We own our own network

We own our voice and mobile network allowing us to overlay these services onto HSCN connections – one compliant supplier for all your requirements.

Industry leading support

As experts in the health and social care sectors, Gamma provides industry-leading support and face-to-face account management

Trusted and approved

It’s easy to buy – we are a trusted and approved provider on key network communications frameworks (including HSCN DPS – RM3825 and Network Services RM3808)

EMIS Health Accredited Partner

Transform practice communications, transform patient care

Arguably one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is how to deliver the best possible patient care, whilst running an efficient practice. Having the right communications platform in place is fundamental – that’s where we come in.

We’ve partnered with EMIS to provide integration with our award winning hosted telephony platform, Horizon to help transform your practice communications and drive even more value from your investment in your CRM.

Horizon seamlessly integrates with your EMIS CRM to provide one central platform for you to store, record and access all patient communication and provide better, more efficient patient care. What’s more, moving from a traditional to a hosted phone system can even save you money too.

About Horizon

Horizon is a complete hosted communications platform that provides an extensive range of features for both fixed and mobile calls and puts you in control via an easy-to-use web portal.

With robust business continuity features built-in, Horizon helps ensure you can provide a consistent service even in the event of unplanned disruption like bad weather, or staffing issues.

EMIS Integration

Integrating Horizon with your EMIS CRM opens up even more flexibility and capability for your patient care teams, altogether helping to enhance the patient experience.

Personalise service with call preview

Welcome your callers with a professional and personalised service. Horizon syncs up your EMIS contacts, alerting you to incoming calls and displaying who’s calling, helping you respond appropriately.

Instantly access information

Jump to your caller’s EMIS record with the click of a button. Horizon will present your contact as they call in, ensuring the right records and information are at your fingertips.

Click to Dial

Make calls from within your EMIS directory via your desktop. Horizon integration brings together EMIS, Outlook, Skype and web browsers, expanding your reach and providing instant contact.

Desktop Control

Support remote and flexible working with instant access to Call History, Call Forward, Presence and a wealth of other features from your desktop.

Brands that trust Gamma.

Gamma delivered exactly what they promised. They’re much easier to deal with and when you have a lot of sites to manage as we do, that’s important. Now there’s clear accountability and we always know who to contact.

Sarah Humphries
ICT Service Support Manager, Aneurin Bevan Health Board

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