Transform your Customer Experience with Amazon Connect

Seamlessly transition to a next generation enterprise contact centre solution with CloudCCX

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Why Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the next generation enterprise contact centre from AWS. Amazon Connect is elastic, meaning it can scale to match your customer demand and you only pay for what you use. Integrated into the wider AWS ecosystem, your enterprise business operations can become more efficient and effective using services such as Natural Language Processing, Chat Bots, Sentiment Analysis, Intent Recognition and Call Summarisation – all powered by AI and Machine Learning. Launched in 2017, Amazon Connect is now recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS 2023.

Framework Approach

Our framework approach was designed to bring your CX team on the journey as they transition from your existing contact centre solution to a next gen cloud solution. This repeatable success framework delivers consistent results – whether you have a contact centre team of 100 or 10,000 agents, we’ve been there before.

Our expert team will guide you beyond transition and through transformation as you begin to really harness the power of Amazon Connect to achieve your CX objectives. The six segments of the wheel represent the tried and tested steps we take for each phase of your contact centre transformation.

Packaged Services

Our modular packages remove the need for lengthy bespoke developments and professional service requests – accompanied by our Accelerators they dramatically reduce the time required to transform.

The foundation pack is all you need to get started with a full Amazon Connect deployment made enterprise-ready with supporting services, infrastructure and tooling.

We’ll help skill up your team with knowledge transfer from our experts, to ensure they have confidence in the toolsets you have, while focussing on delivering value to your business.


We’ve invested a huge amount of time developing accelerators for Amazon Connect, so you don’t have to. With our Accelerators you can transition to Amazon Connect at lightening speed – up to 90% faster.

The SmartAgent app is our core accelerator, providing additional features and functionality needed to keep your business moving such as business continuity, announcements and an improved agent experience. It also provides a foundation for a number of additional channels we make available such as Email, Webforms and WhatsApp – allowing your agents to experience a ‘single pain of glass’ for all customer contact. Some of the most powerful accelerators are our bolt-on modules such as Case Management, Microsoft Teams and SmartPCI – our payment compliance solution.