Horizon Hosted Phone System for Seamless Business Communications

Horizon Hosted Phone System is the ultimate cloud-based communications solution designed to revolutionise the way your business connects. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and embrace the power of seamless, efficient, and cost-effective communication.

Horizon sits in the cloud. This vastly increases the capabilities, improves the reliability and customer experience of your business.
Horizon allows your business to optimise your business investment, improve your customer satisfaction, retain talented staff and save time and money.

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Why choose Horizon Hosted Phone System?

Unlock the Power of Smart Call Management

As the business landscape evolves, an increasing number of companies are embracing hosted solutions, leaving behind traditional PBX systems and harnessing the advantages of cloud-based telephony.

Horizon Cloud PBX is a comprehensive business phone system that offers a hosted communications service, equipping businesses with a wide range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities. Seamlessly accessed through a user-friendly web portal, this solution empowers you to take precise control over your telephony needs.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses

Horizon has successfully aided over 60,000 business with their digital transformations, moving from traditional on-premise PBXs to cloud telephony and unified communications.

Benefits of moving to the cloud:

  • Save time and money with no onsite hardware to manage and maintain
  • Central administration via an easy to use web portal to make operational changes in real-time
  • Predictable per user, per month charging model
  • Improved business continuity with call routing easy to change based on dynamic business requirements
  • No risk of obsolescence
  • No single-site dependency allowing calls to be routed to office, home or remote workers
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Hosted on an award-winning cloud network

Benefit from our highly available, carrier-grade voice network and the features of a traditional on-premises PBX, hosted within the cloud, for a long-term solution with no large upfront outlays.

Working with a single supplier with a SLA of 99.95%* ensures a consistently high service quality to your customers.

*Horizon Core Service Availability


anyone, anywhere, anytime

Powering today's workforce

Businesses have also evolved. Adapting to the ‘work anywhere’ trend
can be important for businesses.

Moving to a hosted business phone system removes the need for employees to be on the business premises to work collaboratively and efficiently with colleagues.

Horizon allows a consistent quality service for your customers, wherever your workforce are working. Horizon has both fixed and mobile capabilities which are accessed through an easy-to-use portal and app allowing users matched capabilities at home or on the move.

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Horizon Hardware

Horizon is compatible with a full range of audio equipment; portable headsets perfect for workers on the move.

Desk phones ideal for office workers and those who work from home, as well as audio-conferencing units that deliver uncompromised audio quality and are suitable for meeting rooms and other settings.

Receptionist Console

Horizon bolt-ons at a glance

Customisable to suit your business needs

Why Gamma?

Our awards and accreditations

Highly accredited, secure and reliable.

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  • What is hosted telephony?

    Hosted telephony, also known as cloud-based telephony or hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange), is a communication solution where the infrastructure and services for your business phone system are hosted and managed by a third-party service provider. Instead of having physical phone equipment installed on-site, the telephony system is hosted in the cloud.

    With hosted telephony, your business can make and receive calls using internet protocols (IP), transmitting voice data over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This eliminates the need for complex on-premises hardware and maintenance, as the service provider handles the infrastructure, software updates, and technical support.

    Users can access the telephony system through IP phones, softphones (software-based phones installed on computers or mobile devices), or even integrate it with existing communication tools like unified communications platforms.

  • Do I still need physical phone lines with Horizon Hosted Phone System?

    Horizon is a cloud-based solutions which uses Voice over IP (VoIP). This means you can use the same connection for your phone system as well as your internet access, saving you money on separate analogue or ISDN lines.

  • Will the call quality be the same with Horizon Hosted Phone System?

    Horizon offers equal or better call quality to ISDN or analogue lines.

  • What happens if my internet goes down? Will I lose phone service?

    In the unlikely event of loss of connectivity on site, calls can be immediately redirected to other sites, mobile devices and/or home and remote workers. It is not necessary to invoke any disaster recovery plan instead, calls will seamlessly be diverted to pre-configured destinations ensuring no disruption to your customers or your business.

  • Can people work remotely?

    Horizon includes a range of mobile and desktop applications to enable your staff to enjoy the full range of features, irrespective of their device or location.

  • What happens to my numbers when I switch to Horizon Hosted Phone System?

    Your numbers can be ported across from your existing provider. Additional number can be included if required.