Escalation paths

We hope things don’t go wrong but we understand that sometimes they do. For these occasions we have a team of experienced customer support staff with the tools and skills to help make things right again.

Managed and wholesale customer services

If you don’t feel you’re receiving the support you need you can consult our Customer Service Plan, which details the escalation paths for all of our products, from the Service Desk to Director level. We won’t make you jump through hoops or wait a minimum amount of time before escalating; you can escalate to the level you feel is appropriate when you feel it’s appropriate.

Gamma Channel Partner Customer Service Plan

If you’re already a Gamma Channel Partner the Customer Service Plan can be located after logging into the Gamma Portal.

Gamma Business Communications Customer Service Plan

If you’re a Gamma Business Communications Partner the Customer Service Plan can be located on the GBC Channel Partner Portal.

Escalate an issue to the level you choose

We provide our partners with the escalation contacts relevant for each product up to and including our CEO.

A typical escalation path will be as below, however we don’t stipulate that a customer has to follow this path sequentially, they are free to raise at any level they deem appropriate:

  • Support Team Leader
  • Senior Operational Manager
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Operations Director
  • CEO