Use Gamma to keep operations protected and compliant 24/7.

No matter the size or sector, cybercrime is a major issue for business with successful attacks impacting on bottom lines, inflicting reputational damage and attracting regulator attention.

Gamma helps protect data and operations with reinforced network security. Our core infrastructure is tier one protected and meets all compliancy standards, ensuring Gamma’s network is safe and isolated from external threats.

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  • How does Gamma ensure our business remains secure?

    We offer a highly available, managed Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), hosted by Gamma, that protects all access to and from the public internet. This ensures that users at every site, along with remote workers, receive the same intelligent, up-to-date protection against external network-based threats.

  • How is network security and integrity monitored?

    Gamma’s Highlight monitoring and management tool provides visibility of application and network performance with built-in diagnostic, reporting and alert capabilities.

  • How is security managed within your product/solution ranges?

    Leading edge security is incorporated into many of our offerings. For instance, our CallGuard service protects your company’s existing numbers from business telephony hacking and abuse, while our call barring feature prevents phone services misuse.

  • How secure and compliant is Gamma itself?

    Gamma core services are compliant with ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 Business Continuity standards.

    We are regularly audited by certified third parties to ensure our protective measures and applied controls are effective and  fully applicable and appropriate to combat the rapidly changing threat landscape.

    We comply with Data Protection and GDPR related legislation and our systems and processes are under constant review to ensure that customer and partner data is appropriately managed and protected at all times.

  • How about your suppliers/partners?

    To become part of the Gamma family, all suppliers and partners must adhere to the same strict security protocols and compliancy standards as Gamma does. It means there is no weak link in our supply chain or within our accredited partner network.

  • How does your security/compliancy approach differ to competitors?

    Because we offer vertically integrated solutions across all aspects of communications, every service or product works together in unison. It means we are able to provide outstanding security and compliancy that comes built-in to each and every combination of our offerings.

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Operationally, the whole process has been extremely smooth. The fact that there was no disruption is a huge benefit for the team. Very little additional training was required, average call handling time has been maintained at its target level.

Ashley Bennett
IT Business Partner, British Heart Foundation

Brands that trust Gamma.

Customer service and regulatory compliance are key concerns for us. We have been very pleased with the way Gamma have addressed all of this, all while only being on the other end of the phone if and when we need them.

Adam Neeld