Use Gamma’s managed services to create cohesive comms strategies.

The increasing number of communications and networking options available to business can leave many feeling blindsided with no clear path to selection, implementation or convergence.

Gamma’s managed services gives customers the confidence they need to choose and implement the right solutions for their business. By teaming up with our in-house team or a Gamma channel partner, transform your company communications with expert guidance and ongoing support.

Learn more about how our voice, data and mobile products can help you achieve your comms goals by contacting Gamma or one of our specialist partners.


  • What processes are in place to manage faults and issues?

    We have monitoring and management systems that are integrated into our overall managed service offering that identify any faults or issues within the customers’ managed service, enabling us to address them quickly.

  • How do you ensure our systems evolve in future?

    We have a continuous assessment program that continually pressure tests what we set out to achieve for you and what we have delivered, all while keeping one eye on any emerging technologies that may be suitable for your operations.

  • How do you service customers on a rolling basis?

    Customers are given their own account management team who will intimately understand the nature of the business. We also offer levels of updates – these can be weekly, daily or monthly calls – it is up to the customer and their brief.

  • What is the onboarding process?

    First, we invite you in to meet the people who will be servicing you from day one. Once contracts have been signed, we have a kickoff meeting with all the different stakeholders where we define the road ahead, identifying any risks and reactions plus any deliverables and milestones.

  • How would you assess our operations?

    Competitors bring ‘armies’ of people with them – but we think this is overwhelming for many customers. Instead, we offer a multi skilled, multi talented small team of experts who make sense of what is a very complicated buying arena, giving you the confidence to buy the right solutions.

  • What makes your managed services different?

    We help companies realise how to make the most out of their digital investment so they thrive in their sector, not just survive. While our WAN, UC, mobile and individual solutions are critical, what is paramount is how everything is brought together within a layered technology and services platform.

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