Deploy Gamma’s reliable, high performance connectivity solutions.

Businesses are now expected to respond more quickly whether dealing with customer requests or increasing the overall flexibility, agility and functionality of their operations by leveraging cloud-based services.

From broadband to agile networking, Gamma and our channel partners design connectivity solutions that service all business sizes and sectors, delivering outstanding performance combined with built-in security and resilience measures that protect business continuity and reputations.

Learn more about how our voice, data and mobile products can help you achieve your comms goals by contacting Gamma or one of our specialist partners.


  • Why use Gamma for our connectivity?

    Gamma owns and manages its core network, enabling us to provide assured performance for business-critical applications. This, together with Gamma’s reputation for being easy to do business with combined with our expertise and knowledge, means we are highly attractive to UK business.

  • What are the advantages of your connectivity offerings?

    Gamma’s solutions reduce business risk, are easy to operate, provide low and predictable costs and feature commercial options to suit your business needs. These include a choice of contract terms and a wide variety of access type/deals with no upfront costs – plus any additions or changes do not initiate a new contract term.

  • What access services do you offer?

    With an extensive range of access types ranging from ADSL, FTTC and FTTP Broadband to FTTC Ethernet, EFM or fibre optic Ethernet, a Converged Private Network offers a suitable access option for every location regardless of availability, site criticality or budget.

  • What do your WAN services offer?

    From SME to enterprise, Gamma’s Advanced WAN Services provide a fully managed network along with a range of access services to connect sites to the core network. Specific features provide visibility, quality of service (for voice, video and collaboration) and resilience to deliver a cost-effective solution.

  • Why is the right connectivity critical to our company?

    If you do not have optimised connectivity, then the investment you have made in new ways of working is put at risk. Also, adoption rates in any new application will be poor because of unoptimised connectivity performance.

  • How much control would we have?

    Our solutions give you total control over sizing, support and performance either centrally or to key stakeholders who can monitor from wherever they are. Our connectivity solutions are as much about controlling costs and operations as they are about the technology itself.

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Brands that trust Gamma.

While looking for a SIP provider it soon became clear that Gamma was widely recognised as the market leader. We spoke to other vendors but some knew less about SIP than we did while others just felt like analogue players out of their depth. Since moving across we’ve had some spectacular results.

Jay Ralph
IT Operations Manager

Brands that trust Gamma.

We’ve never had a reason to report a fault to Gamma and have been very satisfied with the reliability of the service. We’ve found the call charges very competitive and this has helped stretch the budget of a small rural school

Caroline Gorner
Office Manager, Coughton C of E Primary School, Warwickshire

Brands that trust Gamma.

The main benefits we’ve seen have been a rock solid architecture across the organisation that we’ve really been able to build on. As it has developed it has allowed us to do additional things that have delivered some pretty incredible cost savings.

Owen Williams
Partner and Group Head of IT, Knight Frank

Brands that trust Gamma.

The transition to Gamma was smooth and well managed and they sorted out all the details. We’re very pleased to be working with Gamma directly and the service and reliability have been pretty fantastic.

Dan Young
Head of IT Operations, Killik & Co