Horizon delivers security and performance analytics for Hudsons Property

Experts say there are three things that matter when choosing property: location, location, and location. If ever a firm of estate agents could be said to have taken its own advice then that firm is Hudsons Property. For many people, including a huge number of overseas buyers, it doesn’t get more desirable than London’s West End – and that’s not only the location of Hudsons office, but it has a lot of commercial property too.

From studio apartments up to multi-million pound town houses, plus a large percentage of commercial premises and with an active lettings arm too, Hudsons cover the West End market, annually handling property worth in excess of £100 million.

Housing is a highly personal business, and the firm’s 15 staff work hard to build trusting relationships with sellers and with property hunters. And, not surprisingly, whether buyers seeking a property in London real estate are UK based or located half way around the world, although the Web and email are important, telephony is the primary communications channel of choice.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced security.
  • High voice quality.
  • Simple and effective conference calling.
  • Flexible and easy to use call forwarding.
  • Horizon analytics aid staff performance management.
  • Costs controlled, predictable.

The Challenge

Hudsons Property’s original telephony came courtesy of a number of leased ISDN lines and an on-premises leased PBX. The driver for change came when it was discovered that the PBX had been hacked, leaving Hudsons with an unusually high phone bill.

A heated conversation with the legacy supplier revealed that the technical limitations of the PBX meant little could be done to prevent a recurrence of the fraud. The best the supplier could suggest was re-configuring the PBX to prevent the dialling of overseas numbers.

Hudsons Property telecoms infrastructure wish-list was short: they wanted the reassurance of better security, to maintain good call quality, and to keep costs under control.

The Solution

The ISDN lines and on-premises PBX have gone. In their place Gamma’s Assured ADSL with guaranteed quality of service provides the highest quality voice connectivity to the outside world from new desk-top SIP phones, while Gamma’s Horizon solution delivers the intelligence that allows Hudsons to manage the system. The solution is priced on a per-user basis with all line items rolled in to a monthly fee with no up-front costs.


Up-Front Costs


Quite simply we wanted the reassurance of better security, to maintain good call quality, and to keep costs under control. Gamma delivered that, and more.

Simon Bray
Business Development Manager, Hudsons Property