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Connect your cloud platform to the UK telephony network with one of the UK’s largest voice infrastructure providers


Gamma’s wholesale SIP Infrastructure services

For nearly a decade, Gamma has been offering wholesale SIP Infrastructure services to some of the industry’s largest carriers, VOIP service providers and software platforms.

Wholesale infrastructure services

We’re the UK’s number one provider of SIP trunking solutions, with our wholesale infrastructure services that include:

  • Highly resilient and available carrier-grade SIP trunking – designed for carriers and service providers
  • UK and international termination – high quality, cost-effective voice termination
  • Geographic and non-geographic numbers – access to all UK and non-geo number ranges
  • Number hosting – we can apply for and host your own number ranges for you
  • A fully-managed online porting system – to manage number porting
  • Gamma has the ability to port numbers from all major UK operators
  • Private and public interconnect – connect to us as multiple peering locations throughout the UK, over private Ethernet or over the internet
  • Access to industry-leading expertise in our head of regulatory affairs and chief architect
  • Colocation for any equipment – let us colocate your voice platform in our Tier 1 data centre
  • Local connectivity services including broadband, ethernet and MPLS WAN – full suite of connectivity services, with excellent support tools, all engineered to carry voice
  • Whitelabel calls, lines, inbound and UCaaS products – save money and time and resell our whitelabel services to complement and widen your product portfolio

Services provided to businesses

We provide these services to the following types of businesses:

  • VoIP service providers
  • Hosted contact centres
  • Comms API providers
  • International carriers
  • Call analytics platforms
  • Wireless data network providers
  • Collaboration providers
  • The benefits of using our wholesale SIP infrastructure services

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Enhancing your customers’ telecoms infrastructure

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Gamma’s heritage in wholesale voice infrastructure services

Gamma has an enviable heritage in wholesale voice infrastructure services spanning nearly a decade. We offer you the security of scale and the flexibility to ensure we can react responsively. We differentiate ourselves with the following:

Commercial strength and stability

You want a supplier that gives you peace of mind in today’s tough business environment. You can rely on us – we’re one of the largest UK fixed-line networks and we have a sound financial track record – growing, profitable and cash positive.

Put simply, we have a strong balance sheet and a consistent market strategy.

24 hour UK-based expert service and support

Our 24/7 support centres are based wholly in the UK and are able to efficiently diagnose and resolve network faults. Our senior managers and directors can be contacted directly at any point in the escalation path if required.

Best-in-class systems

Our systems provide you with a straightforward, simple platform to manage all of your provisioning and in-life change management needs, offering operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Expert support

Gamma’s industry-leading experts are always available for a chat with our partners, from our head of regulatory affairs to our chief architect.

Members of many key industry forums

Gamma is an active member of a number of industry-related bodies. What’s more, we’re on the board of directors at ITSPA – the UK’s leading body for internet telephony service providers.

We’re also a member of FCS and we chair key OFCOM and Openreach forums.


We currently offer two API’s: one provides access to our IP voice services management platform, the other to our Inbound platform.

999 emergency services support

We offer 999 emergency service support as standard to enable your customers to make 999 emergency calls from their VoIP devices.

Pre-sales design and support

We provide comprehensive pre-sales technical support across our product portfolio, with the ability to design and implement complex bespoke connectivity solutions to optimise performance and maximise resilience.

Sales and marketing support

Another great benefit of working with Gamma is that we give all of our partners access to regular marketing support.

We have a dedicated marketing campaigns team on hand to discuss your marketing requirements and help you target your end-customers with a great proposition.

Comprehensive, in-depth knowledge bases

The extensive Gamma Knowledgebase library is easily accessible via the portal and covers all aspects of our products and services, from commercial aspects through to technical design and implementation.

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