Business Continuity


Business Continuity

With many UK SMEs still needing to implement a disaster recovery plan to protect their business against data loss, network outage and other IT disasters, the need for a simple-to-use service to support business continuity during challenging circumstances has never been more relevant. In response to this, we’ve developed a service called simply ‘Business Continuity’, which can be accessed via a secure website or through an easy-to-use app available for use on Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices.

The benefits of Business Continuity

Take control

Control main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support lines

Provide great service

Control key individuals’ contact numbers

Calls can always be answered

Answer calls no matter the circumstances impacting the business


It lets the end customer make the call routing changes for the specific issue that they are experiencing

Management Information (MI)

Online reporting tracks the calls to the customer’s business during “normal” and exceptional circumstances

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Features of Business Continuity

Business Continuity from Gamma enables businesses to take control of main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support lines, as well as controlling key individuals’ contact numbers. Calls will still be able to be answered, no matter the circumstances impacting the business, which means that your customers’ will still be able to receive vital sales enquiries and deliver service and support.

We’ve designed Business Continuity to be flexible so your customers can make the call routing changes themselves, appropriate to the specific issue that they’re experiencing. Online reporting tracks the calls to the customer’s business during “normal” and exceptional circumstances and provides a comprehensive suite of management information:

  • Performance statistics
  • Call divert
  • Time of day routing
  • Day of week routing
  • Call distribution
  • Announcements
  • Advanced call statistics
  • Voicemail

Why should you buy Business Continuity?

Any SME business looking to complete their business continuity puzzle will benefit from the Business Continuity app. By selling Business Continuity, you’re delivering a real solution to a real-life problem experienced by most businesses and you’re moving the customer’s focus away from the cost of calls to the value of the service to the customer in business assurance.

It’s simple to sell the benefits of having peace of mind for all inbound calls at a fixed fee per month and by porting an existing number to the service you gain control, add immediate value and create a start point from which you can sell other services associated with the number.

It gives you the potential to open up new markets as well as upsell a higher-value service to your existing calls and lines and/or PBX maintenance accounts and it’s easy to up-sell to additional services such as hosted voice, so you can take the outbound traffic as well!

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