Remove the burden of servicing a comms infrastructure - switch to Gamma.

Inefficient in-house communications and management can hinder growth whether due to limited capacity, integration problems or a reliance on outdated comms infrastructures.

Gamma’s range of business-class voice, mobile and connectivity solutions ensure that you always stay on top of your communications needs, offering the functionality, agility and flexibility that mid-sized companies need to protect, develop and grow their businesses.

Learn more about how our voice, connectivity and mobile products can help you achieve your comms goals by contacting Gamma or one of our specialist partners.


  • Why should we choose Gamma?

    As businesses grow – organically and by acquisition – IT can get left behind. With Gamma, you can stop worrying as our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your growing business from enterprise-class voice, data and converged infrastructures to outstanding service, support and resilience.

  • How do you help us control costs?

    We can rationalise existing disparate network and telecoms estates, helping you make the most of existing budgets and investments while reducing unpredictable costs. We can also move you away from a capital to an OPEX model by migrating you away from expensive, inflexible technology such as ISDN and onto SIP services.

  • How can you support all our workers, wherever they are?

    We are well-versed in servicing organisations that are typically made up of hundreds of people in one location – but have a proportion of remote workers and knowledge-based workers who need access to a robust service and connectivity levels they can count on.

  • How can you service our disparate comms needs?

    We know that many mid-sized companies prefer to buy multiple products and want them wrapped into an end-to-end solution tailored to their needs. This approach is something that Gamma specialises in and is delivered via a single contract and bill.

  • What other benefits does your contracting offer?

    Our contracts allow you to add services simply and quickly – there is no need to go through the process of drafting up a new legal contract every time you want to add a new service to your Gamma solution.

  • What customer services do you offer?

    Support is provided by our friendly, UK-based team and is available 24×7. Also bear in mind that more than 98% of our customers remain with us after the first year of service, one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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While looking for a SIP provider it soon became clear that Gamma was widely recognised as the market leader. We spoke to other vendors but some knew less about SIP than we did while others just felt like analogue players out of their depth. Since moving across we’ve had some spectacular results.

Jay Ralph
IT Operations Manager