Gamma’s offerings enable retailers to realise their digital transformation strategies.

From front of house to the back office, retailers need highly agile, scalable communications infrastructures to ensure they deliver great customer experiences.

By leveraging our scaleable IT and network solutions, Gamma’s retail customers benefit from fast, resilient converged services, all underpinned by outstanding support. It enables you to maximise competitiveness and optimise your comms for a multi-channel world.

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Transforming experiences with Technology

Retail customer experience

Customer experience

To ensure business survival, a strong focus on customer experience is vital in the digital transformation strategy. This holds true not only for retail but also for banks and insurance companies. Immediate, reliable, and tailored services are crucial in these industries, especially during stressful situations. Seamless communication technology is key, as customers often seek human interaction in their interactions. Legacy telephony systems can be complex and costly, but transitioning to cloud-based solutions can offer flexibility and cost savings. Gamma’s solutions are suitable for large enterprises, allowing scalability during high-demand periods and offering valuable real-time call analytics to enhance the overall customer experience.

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Busy shopping street

Why retail needs communications

In today’s retail landscape, businesses face the challenge of maintaining cost-effective networks while providing a strong cross-channel customer experience. However, it’s not a competing agenda; improving the business network in collaboration with a reliable operator can enhance both internal and external communications, ultimately leading to better customer experiences. Retailers must tackle factors like online competition, rising costs, and shifting consumer behavior, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience to stay competitive. Effective communication strategies, both internally and externally, are crucial, particularly for large retail businesses, and investing in a resilient voice and data network, ideally with a converged solution, is key to delivering consistent, positive customer experiences in the evolving retail landscape.

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  • Why should we partner with Gamma?

    We provide a highly available infrastructure that ensures you are always open and able to take secure payments whether online or in-store: This ensures you can trade 24/7, 365 days a year if you need to.

  • What are your credentials in this sector?

    We currently work with Nando’s, Pret a Manger, itsu, Reeds, Specsavers and many more as well as retail industry bodies. Our unrivalled presence on the high street supports retail businesses of all sizes, making us the de facto choice for many.

  • How can you help us open a new retail outlet?

    We know that retailers want to be up and trading as soon as possible. It is why we offer a 4G-based fast-start solution that enables you to start trading as soon as you sign the lease, instead of being forced to wait for a comms line to be installed.

  • Why are your telephony solutions suitable for retail?

    We are able to overlay retail-focused telephony that provides powerful functionality. For instance, we allow you to be more productive by utilising unused capacity in your retail outlet network if a outlet is struggling to service customers over the phone.

  • How can we take credit card payments securely and legally?

    We’ve partnered with Semafone to offer a flexible and cost-effective telephony solution to ensure your organisation remains compliant when taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments over the phone.

  • What customer services do you offer?

    Support is provided by our friendly, UK-based team and is available 24×7. Also bear in mind that more than 98% of our customers remain with us after the first year of service, one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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Gamma is saving us 35% on call costs and 5% on line rentals and their management reports help us keep tight control. We can’t fault their service and it’s great having just one point of contact for everything.

Nigel Humphries
Head of IT, Shoe Zone Group