Stay connected to all parties, no matter where they are.

The sector’s success hinges on closer, deeper connections, delivered by effective communication solutions that meet the needs of workforces – and the demands of customers.

From secure connectivity services to leading edge networking, our comms solutions provide more flexibility, agility and resilience than conventional offerings. Whether in the office, out on site or on the move, allow internal and external stakeholders to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly.

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  • Why should we partner with Gamma?

    Our solutions deliver more flexibility and resilience than conventional telephony while enabling greater productivity and driving more value for your business. We also offer a clear migration path to fully unified communications, which allow people to connect, work and collaborate more deeply and effectively.

  • What are the reasons given by customers for using Gamma?

    They often cite our technical and commercial flexibility as we are able to combine several products into a single, cohesive package. How we handle contracts is also critical for them – services can be added without the need to draft a new legal contract.

  • How can we take credit card payment securely and legally?

    We’ve partnered with Semafone to offer a flexible and cost-effective telephony solution to ensure your organisation remains compliant when taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments over the phone.

  • How can you help us become more mobile?

    Gamma enable you to go wherever you want and work from wherever you want with your calls following you. It means you are always available when you need to be with powerful call handling for when you are not. Use Gamma’s integrated mobile services and that accessibility extends to virtually everywhere.

  • How can we retain phone access in an emergency?

    Deploy Gamma’s SIP trunking to handle emergencies such as office closure due to flooding, etc. SIP is disaster recovery/business continuity-ready, allowing you to reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily, meaning you never miss a call.

  • What customer services do you offer?

    Support is provided by our friendly, UK-based team and is available 24×7. Also bear in mind that more than 98% of our customers remain with us after the first year of service, one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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Brands that trust Gamma.

We’ve seen massive savings - in the order of 40-50% on a previously circa £100,000 bill - and with the capacity for 60 concurrent calls we’ve loads of headroom; we never get anywhere near that. Now, rather than multiple numbers, one for tax, one for waste disposal and so on, we’ve a single number and that makes it so much easier for people to interact with us.

Richard Mobberley
Intelligent Client Officer

Brands that trust Gamma.

While looking for a SIP provider it soon became clear that Gamma was widely recognised as the market leader. We spoke to other vendors but some knew less about SIP than we did while others just felt like analogue players out of their depth. Since moving across we’ve had some spectacular results.

Jay Ralph
IT Operations Manager