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Finding the data service that supports the pace of your business

Why data has to support the pace of your business

21 August 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Every business moves at its own speed. What’s right for one will be totally wrong for another, and trying to pick up or replicate another business’ growth model is almost sure to lead to failure.

This is why ‘off the shelf’ tech solutions and packages don’t always work anymore. And why so many businesses are moving more and more of their processes to the cloud, consuming critical applications as a service to get the flexibility to

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Disaster recovery: how important is it for your business to always be contactable?

16 August 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Don’t just have a plan to recover from business interruption, have a plan to maintain continuity during an incident too!

How would it affect your business if your phones were out on one or more of your sites for a day? Having a Disaster Recovery plan for your IT and business communications is a must to help your IT team get things back up and running again swiftly following any unplanned downtime. But you should be

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Reducing your risk and total cost ownership with cloud

16 August 2017 | Cem Ahmet

So, what is it?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – is a cloud service utilising virtual servers from which you can run your normal business applications. These virtual servers are an alternative to the traditional on premise or data centre hosted physical servers and are often accompanied by appropriate storage, security, and networking facilities. IaaS is usually provided on an OpEx payment model, allowing you to pay for what you use on a monthly basis

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How voice communication will remain crucial to SMEs future success

How voice communication will remain crucial to SMEs future success

9 August 2017 | Jamie Ward

If, as a business community, we were to believe the rhetoric of industry experts, we would be forgiven for thinking that pretty soon customers will communicate exclusively through social media, digital apps, and live chat.

While there may be elements of truth to the idea, it ignores the reality of business communications. The fact is that voice is still (and will continue to be) crucial for many businesses, particularly SMEs. In fact, according to research from

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What is the future of voice for the public sector?

What is the future of voice for the public sector

2 August 2017 | Sam Winterbottom

Pundits have a habit of proclaiming the death – or the diminished importance – of a medium or technology, only to see their predictions proven thoroughly wrong. The people who said talk radio was dead have since witnessed the explosion in popularity of podcasts. Those who announced the end of television have seen Netflix go from strength to strength. Even the printed paperback book is holding its own after the invention of the e-reader.

So let’s

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