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All the latest updates from Gamma.

Watch our webinar – The evolution of Gamma Mobile

Find out how business mobiles have evolved over the last decade or so and what you should be looking for in a provider.

Horizon update

The latest changes to our hosted telephony solution, Horizon.

New EU mobile roaming changes

From 15th June 2017 there will no additional charges for roaming in the EU .

The latest improvements to Gamma Mobile

A few changes you need to be aware of to get the most from your service.

Earn £300 off of your Gamma bill!

Learn more about our customer referral scheme.

Welcome to our latest Communicate

This month we have some helpful updates for you on our voice solutions. We’ll be sharing the recording with you from our latest mobile webinar and telling you how you could earn up to £300 in vouchers or money off of your Gamma bill with our customer referral scheme!

Don’t forget, if you have any questions your CDM will be happy to help. You can contact them on 0333 014 0333 – pressing option 4.

Steve Mills
Head of Major Accounts


Watch our webinar – The evolution of Gamma Mobile

gamma mobile for business

If you’re looking for a business mobile platform to deliver service excellence, first you’ll need to know what you should be looking for in a provider. Watch our short webinar to learn how you to get the most from your business mobiles and get the latest news on Gamma Mobile and our MultiNet® bolt-on.

What you’ll learn:

  • The Fixed Mobile Convergence roadmap
  • How to get more from bundles/ bolt-ons
  • Device Security/ Mobile Device Management
  • How to promote a flexible workforce through your business mobiles
  • Enhance how you report on your usage
  • Gamma Mobile, what’s new and how does Gamma MultiNet® work

We look forward to answering any questions you have!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call your CDM on 0333 014 0000.


The latest updates to our Horizon solution.


The addition of 084 and 087 call barring option

We have introduced additional levels of call barring at both the company and user level. Here’s how to use it!

Site level:

Select ‘site management’ from the home screen of the Horizon portal and then click on the ‘manage’ button on the site that you wish to modify.

This will take you to the site level options page, from here click the ‘call plan’ button under call barring heading.

You will now be presented with the below illustrated call barring options. This will be applied by default to all users within the site. There are two categories that need consideration:

  • When making a call – call barring that is applied to any call the user makes directly via their calling device or software, including a consultative transfer
  • When transferring/diverting a call – call barring that is applied to a call when a user attempts to blind transfer a call to an alternative station or a divert attempt as a result of the call forwarding feature being invoked e.g. a divert on busy. The call barring under this heading does not apply to consultative transfers. Consultative transfers are covered under ‘when making a call’

There will be a hardened set of call barring settings applied to the ‘when transferring/diverting a call’ category. Effectively a user will only be allowed to transfer or divert to a UK 01, 02, 03 number or a mobile number.

User level:

You can override the site call barring settings on a per user basis by selecting the ‘users’ tab and click the ‘edit’ button.

Then select the ‘call barring’ tab.

To apply a unique call barring setting to the selected user, toggle the “Override site call plan” button to ‘on’ and you will receive the following message pop up.

You can now customise the call barring setting for this user by toggling the desired barring option to on or off. You can do this via the ‘when making a call’ and ‘when transferring/diverting a call’ tabs whilst the site call barring remains in place for all other users.

Additional changes to note

We are also enhancing the description of the ‘when transferring’ tab to provide greater clarity about the services the call barring is being applied to.

All existing company call barring settings will be unaffected.

Update and refresh of receptionist and call centre soft clients

We have now upgraded and refreshed the current receptionist and call centre soft clients and the images below provide an overview of the new livery. Updated user guides can be found on the Gamma website.

Old livery

New livery

‘Ext’ and ‘mobile call’ buttons

The ‘ext’ and ‘mobile call’ button have been removed and replaced with ‘call’ and drop down menu.

On the current version of the receptionist soft client, when you select a user who had a mobile and a landline number, you had 3 buttons – ‘ext’, ‘call’ and ‘mobile call’, which called the users extension, landline number and mobile numbers respectively:

This has now been changed to only include a ‘call’ button and a drop-down menu. By default, the ‘call’ button now calls the user’s extension. There will be a drop-down menu icon which will then allow you to either call their landline or mobile number:

Customise date and time format

Options are now available for users to customise their date and time formats within the soft client:

There is no option to change the default values and as standard, this defaults to the US date format mm/dd/yyyy.

Monitored contacts

Selecting to monitor a user now creates and adds the user to a new tab ‘monitored contacts.’

On the current version of the receptionist soft client, if you opted to monitor other users you would have to view their monitored status under the ‘corporate directory’ tab.

On the new version if you monitor a user, it creates a new tab called ‘monitored contacts’ and adds this user to this tab.

You can still monitor these users under the ‘corporate directory’ tab, however, you can now use the ‘monitored contacts’ tab to filter out all the unmonitored contacts too.

Call groups

Call group calls now contain ‘type’ in the call line detail.

On the current version of the receptionist client, when you received a call from a call group, you received only the name and number of the call group in the call line detail:

The new client introduces an extra level of detail and now includes the call group type.

Diverted and transferred calls

Diverted and transferred calls now contain the method of diversion / transfer in call detail.

In the current version of the receptionist client, there was no way of knowing if a call you were receiving is the result of a divert or a transfer. The new client now includes this detail. The below example shows a call being diverted because another user is busy.

Update of the call centre soft clients

ACD status now has a text description

Currently there is no description next to the users ACD status.

The new version adds the description “ACD Status:”

Skill level column present on supervisor client when viewing agents

The new version introduces additional advanced skill based routing options to call centre services and as a result, there are some references to skill levels in the client which cannot be removed.

This has been set to DD/MM/YYYY and 24 hour as the default values.

Full screen option now available

The new version now offers the option to put the client in full screen mode:

This works in Firefox and Chrome however in Internet Explorer you must change a setting in the browsers security options. Please refer to the user guide on the UWi and the Gamma website

The ‘plugins’ tab has been removed

On the previous version of the client, there was a Plugins tab in the settings menu:

This has now been removed and the new settings menu looks like this:

Call group calls now contain call group type in call line detail

Previously when you received a call from a call group, you received only the call group name and the number of the call group in the call line detail.

The new version introduces an extra level of detail and now includes the call group type.

Diverted and transferred calls

The previous client did not provide the detail for diverted and transferred calls – there was no way of knowing if a call you were receiving was because of a divert or a transfer. The new version now includes this detail and the below example shows a call being diverted because another user being busy.

Deletion of voicemail during playback

We have added the option to delete a voicemail on Horizon during playback. At any time whilst listening to a voicemail recording, you will be able to enter the digit 3, via the device keypad, and the voicemail message will be immediately and permanently deleted from the platform.

This does mean that the ‘skip forward’ function, which fast forwards the recording by 5 seconds during playback, will be moved to the digit 7.

Withdrawal of the Cisco 525 handset

Gamma can no longer supply the Cisco SPA 525G device. The EU has amended its regulations on the WiFi spectrum and this impacts all the countries that follow the European compliance for all products incorporating WiFi, including the UK. The SPA 525G IP phone which has WiFi, is not compliant with this new EU regulation and therefore Cisco have withdrawn this model from the market.

This does not affect the 12-month support warranty on any Cisco SPA 525G devices we have previously provided.

Polycom VVX Firmware Upgrade

Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be upgrading the firmware on all Polycom VVX handsets.

The work is set to commence on 3rd July 2017 and complete by 20th July 2017. Upgrades will take place between Monday and Friday between the hours of 20.00pm and 04.00am.

The Polycom devices will be separated into their model types so users with different devices will be upgraded in stages.

Commencing at 8pm on the evening(s) of Devices scheduled for upgrade
3rd July 2017 VVX201, 310, 500 and 600
4th July 2017 VVX411
5th July 2017 to the 21st July 2017 VVX410


You can now roam within the EU at no additional cost.

gamma mobile for business

The cost of roaming in the EU is falling. From 15th June 2017, there will be no additional charges for roaming within the EU. This means that you’ll pay the same for EU usage as you do for UK usage.

Unlike some other providers we’re not adding any ‘hidden charges’ nor are we increasing the price for your UK package, so it’s a true cost benefit to all our mobile customers who roam in the EU.

If you have UK call, text or data allowances your EU usage will be included in your UK bundle. If you are on a PAYU tariff in the UK, then you’ll pay UK rates for your EU usage.

This means that our EU Business Traveller package (£3.50 per day) has no been withdrawn. If you have this package, then your EU roaming costs will reduce as a result of this.

As the cost of roaming in the EU will be the same as in the UK, any EU usage will not be subject to any barring or capping and your usage is unlimited as it is in the UK.

So what do you need to do next?

Nothing. We’ve automatically applied this to all of your mobile connections from 15th June – but if you’d like to look into increasing the size of your UK allowances please give us a call on 0333 014 0333.


Updates to Gamma Mobile

gamma mobile for business

Mobile Service Updates

We’re pleased to announce further improvements to the Gamma mobile service.

You can now call the POWWOWNOW conferencing service using a short code. Previously, this popular business conferencing service could only be accessed by using a 0844 number so this change gives you the most cost-effective way to use the POWWOWNOW service.

We have also enabled 50 premium short dial text codes and we will be adding to these numbers on an on-going basis.

End of life handsets

The Moto G4 Play and Sony E5 are now end of life and can no longer be supplied.

For any support on this matter, please call your CDM on 0333 014 0333, option 4.


Want £300 off your next Gamma bill? Find out about our new referral scheme.

We were so pleased with the results of our most recent customer satisfaction survey. It’s great to hear that our customers are having such a positive experience doing business with us.

We know that when you receive good service, you often want to share the experience you’ve had – so, if you’re happy with Gamma why not pass it on?

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*This scheme applies to recommendations relating to businesses with a minimum of 50 employees. Money off of your monthly Gamma  bill will be applied to one bill only and applies up to £300 which will take effect after the second month’s bill has been collected  from the new Gamma customer in question. Vouchers will be gifted after the second month’s bill has been collected from the new Gamma customer in question.