Service evolving business demands by deploying Gamma’s agile solutions.

From forging deeper connections with customers to integrating new technologies, businesses must deal with constant change that requires agile responses.

Gamma provides high capacity, low latency WAN services with uncontended high bandwidth access. This allows companies to expand and contract networks when required while benefiting from a cost effective, high quality service for all business-critical applications.

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  • How much control would we have?

    Our solutions give you total control over sizing, support and performance either centrally or to key stakeholders who can monitor from wherever they are based. Our agile solutions are as much about controlling costs and operations as they are about the technology itself.

  • Do we really need an ‘agile’ solution?

    We provide practical design criteria and design outputs that identify the right technology for your needs whether it’s MPLS or SD-WAN – it’s not about a one-size-fits-all solution but introducing the best possible solution to help address your particular business needs.

  • Why is the right connectivity critical to my company?

    If you do not have optimised connectivity, then all of the investment you have made in new ways of working will be wasted. Also, adoption rates in any new application will be poor because of unoptimised connectivity performance.

  • What do your WAN services offer?

    From SME to enterprise, Gamma’s Advanced WAN Services provide a fully managed network along with a range of access services to connect sites to the core network. Specific features provide visibility, quality of service (for voice, video and collaboration) and resilience to deliver a cost-effective solution.

  • What are the advantages of your connectivity offerings?

    Gamma’s solutions reduce business risk, are easy to operate, provide low and predictable costs and feature commercial options to suit business needs. These include a choice of contract terms, a wide variety of access type and deals with no upfront costs, plus any additions or changes to access do not initiate a new contract term.

  • Why use Gamma for our connectivity?

    Gamma owns and manages its core network, enabling it to provide assured performance for business-critical applications. This, together with Gamma’s reputation for being easy to do business with, and the expertise and knowledge of its staff, means that Gamma is highly attractive to UK businesses.

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Barry Nee
Chief Information Officer