Gamma brings fixed and mobile communications together with Connect

Gamma is pleased to announce the launch of Connect, a solution which integrates Gamma Mobile with its market leading Cloud PBX, Horizon, bringing advanced call handling and management features to the mobile phone. As Gamma operates its own mobile core network, the integration is provided in the network, without the need for an app or a data connection to use the service. As a result Connect is extremely easy to adopt and can be use on any mobile phone, leveraging the flexibility of mobiles with the business-critical features provided by Horizon.

With this new capability, Gamma believes it is well placed to help the channel provide increasing converged fixed and mobile services to the UK business market with a differentiated proposition. A single solution for fixed and mobile communications that is scalable, flexible and works on any mobile phone, creates an opportunity for customers to shift their workloads seamlessly and follows the pattern and behaviour of how employees need and want to work.

By streamlining the communication service, businesses can provide their staff with the flexibility to work wherever they are and ultimately improve the overall productivity and responsiveness to customers. With Connect, you will be providing your customers with a solution to many of their demands, particularly for mobile workers.


Product Manager Domenico Idone commented: “We’re very excited to be launching Connect to both our channel partners and their customers. Agility and flexibility are imperative for a productive workforce of the future. We understand that more and more businesses no longer want employees to be “anchored to their desks”. This is a prime opportunity for the channel as many businesses look to implement solutions that empower individuals, teams and call groups with true mobility. No matter how big or small your business, Connect frees your people from their desks. It can transform the way both individuals and teams work together and respond to customers.”


Jim Callaghan, Managing Director at Midshire, commented: “Addressing the limitations of mobile devices by integrating them with the office phone system, will help our customers move to more flexible working models that many are looking to implement. For Midshire as a business, Connect also helps us differentiate our proposition, it opens up new sales opportunities and, by combining mobile and fixed contacts, we can retain customers for longer and generate more revenue per user.”