21 October 2020

GX Summit 2020


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Last year’s GX Summit urged attendees to carefully consider the digital foundations and building blocks needed to effectively compete in a world of constant change – and no one could have predicted the monumental change we’ve faced since then! Business leaders and tech heads alike have had to re-imagine the way in which they operate, service customers and engage employees at a rapid pace, with Digital Transformation proving more crucial than ever. Technology implementation and adoption has proved a recent lifeline, both in our personal and professional lives. However, now that many businesses have adapted to new temporary, ways of working, a new challenge arises… what comes next?..

GX Virtual Summit 2020 tackled this challenge head-on as we looked towards the new future of work and explored how businesses can adapt, advance and Re-imagine their digital strategies in the face of uncertainty.

So, choose your on-demand track and dive straight in:

  • Rescaling UCaaS
  • Rebuilding Foundations
  • Revamping CX

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What’s on?


Opening Keynote with Alex Ayers & David Macfarlane

You’ve heard the saying before – Change is the only constant.

The pandemic continues to be highly dynamic and we each have our position on responding and recovering from its effects. For most it is time to act with renewed intentions and purpose.

First we must Re-imagine.

During our live opening keynote we helped attendees discover how to re-imagine the possibilities in a remote-first world.

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Three on-demand tracks

Rescaling UCaaS
Ensuring your UCaaS is fit for life, not just a pandemic

Sessions include:
A framework for long-term thinking
Not all services are equal
Adapting fast from the transformation from UC to UCaaS
Why give Teams a voice?
A framework for success – Everything you need to consider when embedding Teams

Rebuilding Foundations
Connecting the layers with assurance, resilience and transparency

Sessions include:
Network transformation for cloud first enterprises
The non-negotiables for network infrastructure security in large enterprises
Network infrastructure security in Public Sector organisations
SaaS Security for SMEs – Common pitfalls to avoid
Re-imagining the future of work

Revamping CX
How to be in the digital channels of choice without compromise

Sessions include:
The modern contact centre – keeping up with your customers’ channel of choice
Fixing the PCI problem – Security should come first in a Contact Centre
Every CC needs a UC: Presence is more critical than ever before, so why compromise?

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