The 2020 Gamma review

What a year this has been – both for us at Gamma, and for the rest of the world. 2020 has been the year of COVID-19, lockdowns, remote working, virtual quizzes, and lots of video conferences. Ultimately, it’s been a year of profound changes, which has seen all of us having to adapt to a new reality and to cope with the consequences of this pandemic.

From our new brand and European expansions to supporting our customers and partners in these difficult times, we’ve definitely kept busy over the past 12 months – hard not to be during a global pandemic!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have a whole review to go through…

January – March

We started the year with a bang by launching our shiny, new and improved, Gamma brand. Many were sad to see the famous purple ‘showerhead’ go, but almost a year in, the new logo and brand are looking better than ever.

With the new brand, we also announced our values: Aim high, Consider others, Think differently, and Stronger together. No other year would’ve been more fitting to share these values, and we believe our teams have done an outstanding job of upholding them.

Just before we went into the first national lockdown, we managed to sneak in our Channel Partner Roadshow – as always, this was a great opportunity for us to thank partners for embarking in this journey with us.

Unfortunately, March saw the UK come to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic. We didn’t let this stop us though – before the national lockdown, we implemented a successful remote working model, put in place a COVID Committee and a Business Continuity leads group, to help ensure all operations continued seamlessly.

During the first few months of the year, we also welcomed Exactive to the Gamma Group, providing our customers with a complete range of services for Microsoft Teams.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our Manchester office received a swanky refurbishment at the beginning of the year – it was certainly a long-awaited and much-appreciated upgrade for our colleagues!

April – June

Our European expansions continued into the spring and summer, as we welcomed to our Group Voz Telecom, a leading provider of IP telephony services in Spain.

Quick to react and first out of the blocks, we developed robust packages to help businesses weather the COVID-19 storm. The Gamma Support Package launched on April 1, with a raft of immediate and practical measures to assist partners and customers.

In April, we kicked off a regular programme of webcasts enabling our people to hear directly from Gamma’s leadership team, enabling everyone to stay informed and connected, especially while adapting to working remotely. These events have been warmly welcomed and even sparked a fanbase for our CEO’s dog who makes an occasional guest appearance.

We know that remote working can be a challenge for many and it’s a consideration we take seriously. To support our employees during these unusual times we launched a Wellbeing Channel on Microsoft Teams. Designed as a forum where employees can support each other in maintaining physical and mental health, it has proved equally effective in providing a platform for some fun.

July – September

In July, HFO, one of the leading SIP Trunk providers in Germany, and gnTel, a Cloud PBX provider based primarily in the Netherlands, joined the Gamma Group to further expand our market presence in Europe.

As the UK began to emerge from the first national lockdown and get back to business, Gamma was on the front foot and launched our Recovery Package on July 1 to equip the channel with tools to address the changing needs of businesses and the ‘new normal’.

During these months, we made sure to keep on listening to our people through employee surveys and by continuing to develop our webcast programme.

Our half-year financial results were announced in September – the Group had a strong financial performance across all business units with positive growth across all key product categories during the first half.

As you may have sensed, Gamma prides itself on working hard whilst nurturing its unique “spirit of Gamma” culture…

To keep everyone safe, our in-person employee event, GammaFest, went digital and turned into the first-ever Gamma Show. From singing and dancing, to ‘live’ music and beatboxing, the evening was a great success for the Gamma Group and helped our UK and European employees forget about the pandemic for a few hours.

October – December

We set up a new quarterly Pulse engagement survey, which is initially helping us to make the right decisions around COVID-19 and moving forward, will be a valuable tool in helping the business understand the needs of our staff.

At the beginning of October, we celebrated National Customer Service Week for the second year in a row – since customer service is at the core of what we do, we took the opportunity to learn a bit more about some of our team’s responsibilities, while thanking them for all they do for our business. If you’ve missed their interviews, head over to our @GammaSvcSupport Twitter account to have a look.

Continuing to embrace virtual events, our Direct event, GX Summit, focused on the new future of work and explored how businesses can adapt, advance, and re-imagine their digital strategies in the face of uncertainty.

To celebrate the end of the year, we have also reprised the Gamma Show with a special Winter Wonderland edition – just to make sure we finished the year with some much-needed laughter!

Finally, we bid farewell to a member of our Senior Leadership Team – our Chief Marketing and Product Officer Alan Mackie, who will be soon retiring after almost 14 years at Gamma. With his departure, we welcome to the Gamma Group Chris Wade, who will take over Alan’s role in the new year.

Most importantly, we want to thank our colleagues for all the outstanding work they’ve done in the face of challenges and uncertainty, as well as our partners and customers for their continued support during one of the most difficult years the world has seen over the past decade.

Whatever 2021 has in store, we’re ready for it.