Introducing Link Pay+

The smarter way to secure card payments over any channel.


  • Is Link Pay+ secure?

    Yes. Card transactions are executed within a certified PCI DSS level 1 compliant environment. Data is secured within Link Pay +
    and in transit between the staff member, the customer and Semafone.

  • How can links be sent to customers?

    Staff members can send links by email* and SMS natively from the platform. Links can also be copied to the clipboard so that they
    can be sent in any communications applications e.g. web chat or WhatsApp desktop.

    * requires customers to have an email server to send email

  • Is Link Pay+ compatible with my existing platforms?

    Link Pay+ is ideal for businesses with a variety of PSPs, tokenization and integration services.

  • Is the end user supported through the payment process?

    Support is provided to the customer throughout the sales call and telephone agents/AI bots can monitor the progress of the payment in real-time. They can also track the geographical range, the number of attempts and the length of the link’s viability through Link Pay+.

  • What is the payment process like for customers?

    Customers are kept in one unified payment process from start to finish. They do not need to leave the conversation to make the purchase. The payment process is intuitive and convenient for consumers; and is an improvement on the current over-the-phone PCI
    compliant solutions.

  • Are there any hardware costs?

    No need to pay for costly hardware.

  • How is Link Pay+ charged?

    There is no set-up* or rental fee. Pay per usage only.

    (*Free set-up depends on the PSP provider.)

  • How long does it take to set up Link Pay+?

    We recommend that you allow a week to get the platform set up using an existing PSP with no customisation. Link Pay+ has a rich, flexible infrastructure and configuration system, which ensures businesses can utilise the platform with ease and convenience.

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