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About Gamma Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute is a cloud service from Gamma based on virtual servers from which you can run your normal business applications. These virtual servers are provided as a direct alternative to the traditional on-premise or data centre hosted servers and are accompanied by appropriate storage, security, and networking facilities.

Cloud Compute can best be described as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) whereby your business does not own, manage or maintain any of the underlying hardware. You simply manage your traditional applications without concerning yourself with the resources needed to support the applications themselves.

The benefits of Gamma Cloud Compute

  • Fully managed IT infrastructure service hosted on the most advanced and resilient platform globally
  • Secure platform design with firewall and VPN connectivity
  • Opex model so you only pay for what is used
  • One fixed monthly fee, including all server, storage, firewall and network changes
  • With physical and virtual security benefits and resilience built in, your IT team can focus on core business issues, not the platform
  • Platform can be easily scaled up and down as required to enable business growth
  • 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active monitoring

IT is changing – servers and storage are now a utility like electricity and water and many more companies are deciding to move to the Cloud.

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An introduction to Gamma Cloud Compute


Transforming your IT into a competitive advantage with security, reliability, and elasticity

Small and medium-sized companies will find Cloud Compute an attractive proposition because we have simplified the buying options and removed the need for you to configure the service yourself. You can also take advantage of the free of charge audit to ensure what’s built is sized appropriately and configured correctly.

Thousands of organisations trust us with their voice, mobile and data services and now, working in partnership with the largest public cloud infrastructure service in the world, Amazon Web Services, we can also manage your servers, storage and provision your firewall rules for you.

cloud compute is powered by amazon web services

Transform your IT into a competitive advantage

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Who is Cloud Compute aimed at?

Cloud Leapers

Small and medium-sized businesses that currently are not using an in-house IT solution (no servers, no web server, or no PBX system) and are likely to move straight to the Cloud, ‘leaping over’ intermediate in-house IT solutions.

Cloud converters

Small and medium-sized businesses that currently have in-house solutions but are either moving or planning to move to hosted services. For example, a business that currently has in-house servers but may choose to switch to hosted servers when it becomes time to upgrade their infrastructure.

Cloud expanders

Small and medium-sized businesses that are already using some form of cloud services and may need new and expanded cloud offerings. For example, a business using web hosting may want to purchase mobile optimisation to complement their website.

Existing Gamma customers

Customers with our Horizon hosted service or data access products that are considering physical growth, merger, dispersing, upgrades to legacy applications, have data security and / or back-up issues or are contemplating infrastructure changes or want to reduce, consolidate or replace support parts.

Organisations that strive for ease and efficiency

Cloud compute is for organisations who need to make efficiencies

We make it simple; traditional public cloud services can be complicated to setup and unless your customers have specific knowledge and experience, the cost of misconfiguration can be expensive and time consuming to fix.

Organisations that need to cut IT costs

Cloud Compute from Gamma is great for organisations looking to cut costs

Cloud Compute removes the server-based operational and support burden from within an organisation’s IT spend; resulting in either a reduced overall spend on IT and/or a better use of their time by focusing on business-centric activities rather than server hardware.

Small businesses that need to test applications

Gamma Cloud COmpute is perfect for small businesses that need to test applications

Some businesses need the flexibility to buy services as needs dictate, particularly true of small organisations where the option to test new applications that need dedicated compute and storage requirements can be difficult to justify.

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How does Cloud Compute work?

Prior to migration to the cloud, we will offer a free audit and detailed report of your existing on-premise infrastructure to ensure that your new virtual environment is a perfect fit for your business. You may also take this opportunity to implement a healthy refresh and/or upgrade for some of the applications themselves. Either way, Cloud Compute has been designed to make the transition to cloud as simple as possible for your business. So, once the virtual servers have been chosen; in terms of the optimum number of CPUs, memory and storage capacity needed for the applications themselves; the servers can be provisioned rapidly and securely.

This includes all the required connectivity options such as public internet, firewall rules, private subnet and more, just like a traditional on-premise environment, with options for load balance, virtual private network access and backup. In addition, Cloud View monitors CPU, RAM and storage usage, proactive alarm monitoring with email, and text with alarm escalation logic.

AWS named as a leader in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant report for the 7th consecutive year

In the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide, Gartner placed AWS in the “Leaders” quadrant and positioned AWS as having both the furthest completeness of vision and the highest ability to execute.

From start-ups to multi-national corporations to governments, millions of active customers trust AWS every month as the cloud platform for their business’ future. Their approach to product development and delivery is fundamentally different than other IT vendors, which has allowed AWS to ensure that its customers have the broadest, deepest, and most secure platform to build transformational applications and services since 2006.

Disclaimer: This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Amazon Web Services.

Optional Cloud Compute services

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup from Gamma is a managed ‘Backup as a Service’ (BaaS) product that allows your organisation to automate the backup of the data stored on your servers onto a secure and highly resilient storage facility within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure in the UK. The service is affordable for businesses with limited IT budgets.

It’s important to keep a copy of files offsite. Even if business files are backed up on a file server, a hurricane, flood, fire or theft could destroy the computers and backups. Keeping backed up files in the cloud ensures data is safe no matter what is going on at your office.

Cloud Backup solutions make ongoing management and restoration easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up files can be easily found and restored. Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically on a daily (24 hour) basis, however you’re also able to start a backup immediately which can be used to mitigate risk in the case of a major system change. Ad-hoc backups will remain available for 24 hours. Backups can be daily, with weekly, monthly and annual storage.

You can also choose to benefit from Cloud Backup for all your business backup requirements. To find out more about our full Cloud Backup service, visit our dedicated page here.

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