Horizon and FTTC helps manufacturing industry improve efficiency

Lamberts is a family run company which has been running since 1963 and strives to maintain the best traditions of personal service, coupled with the efficiencies gained from advanced technology. The business offers an extensive range of products to the manufacturing, agriculture and food production sectors.

With 45 phone users spread over two sites, they needed a feature-rich telephony system that catered for both offices. With a head office in Norwich and sales office in Peterborough, the solution needed to be easy to deploy with limited interruption to their everyday work routine.

The Benefits

  • Improved efficiency through a flexible and feature-rich hosted solution
  • A new site network dispensed with legacy telephony cabling
  • Managed Gamma FTTC provides enterprise-grade WiFi for the business thus giving added value to the FTTC installation
  • Legacy cabling was dispensed with and replaced with Cat5e improving the company network
  • Full call reporting and call recording improved management and compliance
  • Telephony costs were fixed and future expansion can be easily provided
  • Ability to deploy after-hours, weekend and bank holiday messages to callers

The Challenge

Lamberts were using an old premises based legacy system (BT Meridian) operating on telephony cabling and ISDN connections. The system did not allow easy communication between the two offices, this was a particular issue for them as clear and easy communication was vital to keep track of orders and operate efficiently, ensuring they maximise profits.

They also required call reporting as there was no way of tracking calls which was vital to keeping orders under control, the management team also needed to understand the call volumes to ensure adequate resource was in place.

Eastern Voice & Data was shortlisted, and as the only provider offering cloud telephony as a solution, they addressed the above challenges. The business was won following a presentation to the board.

The Solution

Eastern Voice & Data implemented Gamma FTTC at each site and moved all of the legacy telecoms estate from the two offices over to IP. They reduced multiple analogue lines and ISDN30 down to just three FTTC managed connections retaining all of the legacy numbers previously used.

The Peterborough office was networked and was no longer a remote office but fully integrated into the business communications. Horizon Integrator was implemented allowing computer/telephony integration meaning that customer information was readily available. This was a real benefit to Lamberts as previously customer data was stored separately and it would take time to find out specific details, this has made the process more efficient.

Horizon call recording was provided allowing all calls to be recorded. This added a further layer of compliance to the taking of telephone orders.


FTTC Managed Connections

The Results

Akixi reporting was deployed providing telephony performance statistics for the sales director that previously was unavailable. Lamberts are now able to review these stats to ensure they are sufficiently resourced and to gain a better understanding of the outgoing vs incoming calls.


I can’t recommend Eastern Voice & Data highly enough. They have provided a first class product, invaluable ongoing support and made the whole transfer process painless and weirdly - rather fun!

Managing Director, Lamberts (Norwich) Ltd