Wholesale Lines

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Wholesale Lines

Historically, line rental solutions always came from BT; however, since the introduction of Wholesale Line Rental we’ve been able to provide our Channel Partners with the same line rental solutions as BT, but with flexible pricing and service criteria.

Wholesale Line Rental 3 or ‘WLR3’ is a provisioning system that allows Gamma Partners to streamline their operations by giving direct access to Openreach’s engineering appointments diary, diagnostics tools and line availability checker. WLR3 also provides proactive status reports that allow Partners to keep customers better informed.

The benefits of WLR3

WLR3 from Gamma is a system that is simple to use, with only minimal training needed.

One bill

Your customer will get a single bill for both minutes and lines

No upfront costs

There are no up-front costs, no deposit required and we can start provisioning straight away

It adds revenue

It’s an easy way to add additional revenue to your books

24/7 UK-based support

You’ll get a dedicated order desk and specialists in pre and post-sales support

Easy number transfer

We offer the complete transfer of BT PSTN, ISDN 2 and ISDN30 lines

Fast ordering

New orders can be placed without delay, avoiding confusion or duplication in the order process

Fewer rejections

Through real-time customer address checking prior to order, reducing the risk of subsequent rejections

Fewer missed appointments

Through real-time engineer diary access

Superior assurance facilities

Including line testing and pro-active status reports

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How does it work?

Accessed from the secure online Gamma Portal, the solution provides all the functionality needed to accelerate order taking accurately and with fewer rejections. You can order the lines using our system and we then do all the work and undertake any interaction with the incumbent.

The net effect of more real-time activity with Openreach is actually greater speed, accuracy and ease of order placement. Partners can do more with less, which helps to reduce operational overheads and benefits the bottom line.

The major advantage however, is that you skip the onerous service establishment periods and deposit requirements associated with BT, leaving you far more time to sell!

Who do I sell it to?

Anyone and everyone is the simple answer. In reality, it’s a great idea to target those existing customers who use you for making their calls. The key here is to target the ones who still use BT for their line rental, as most people are not happy to be paying their high charges – the price difference you’re able to offer via WLR3 is a big advantage and should be the deal winner!

How can I increase revenues and reduce churn?

WLR3 is a great product that can help any Channel Partner generate increased revenues, take greater wallet share from existing customers and improve retention rates. By targeting new and existing customers who are using BT for their line rental you’ll be pushing at an open door, simply because in the current economic climate, most businesses will be happy to discuss a solution that offers them a cost reduction, especially if it also comes with improved levels of customer service.

How can I reduce the time I spend on ordering and provisioning?

Using our simple-to-use secure online portal, Channel Partners can check a customer’s address in real-time, prior to ordering, thus reducing the risk of subsequent rejections and wasted time. Real-time line availability checker means you’ll enjoy faster ordering and you’ll also have fewer missed appointments through real-time engineer diary access.

My reputation is important – is this a quality service?

Like all of our products and services, quality comes first. WLR3 from Gamma provides Channel Partners with superior assurance facilities including line testing and pro-active status reports to help you have all the answers, before your customers ask for them.

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