Converged Voice and Data Services

Increased bandwidth and performance with reduced costs


Converged Voice and Data

For businesses that rely on IP-voice services for their communications, ensuring quality data connectivity is essential. Our data services are fully integrated with our market leading and award-winning IP voice products, giving access to a purpose-built combined voice and data network. Your customers will benefit from a single, robust SLA from a single provider and with full visibility and control over both the voice and data services, we can resolve any issues and make changes to their network quickly and accurately.

By choosing a data service from Gamma, we become the single point of contact for both data and IP voice (including porting). This converged approach not only reduces complexity in the solution design and implementation, but also makes us easier to do business with by removing the need to manage different upstream suppliers for voice and data.

At the heart of our Converged Broadband and Converged Ethernet products is an affordable solution that enables consolidation and convergence of data and voice networks into one, giving your customers’ business a number of distinct advantages:

  • Converged Broadband and Ethernet provides the ideal platform for migrating to IP telephony and opening up the numerous benefits that IP telephony brings
  • Reduce supplier and network management costs by getting rid of legacy voice infrastructure
  • Access to increased bandwidth and performance will help your customers’ business move into the cloud
  • Purchasing an end-to-end service from a single, trusted supplier means your customers have greater control and problems are fixed more quickly

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Gamma Broadband

How does Gamma ensure quality?

Our network was conceived and engineered specifically for business users. This means that at peak times your customers’ time-critical and business-critical applications will always be prioritised. Quality is assured through:

  • Extensive monitoring of all elements and metrics within the call path both TDM and IP including but not limited to, Post Dial Delay (PDD), Answer to Seize Ratio (ASR), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Perceptual Analysis of Speech Quality (PESQ) Score, Call Closure and Error codes for C7 and SIP signalling, Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, Trunk and Circuit occupancy, uptime and trends
  • Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services
  • Appropriate and timely alerts of potential issues and ‘hot spots’ to our 24×7 Network Operations Centre
  • Review of external and internal reports including customer feedback via support desks
  • Strict Change Control and Release Management process aligned with our suppliers and carrier partners to prevent related quality or service issues
  • Oversight through a monthly Quality Steering Group meeting chaired by our CEO that includes input output from our regular Platform Service Reviews, Capacity Management, Information Security and Business Continuity forums

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As more services move into the cloud, so the need for fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity has become essential. Gamma’s Ethernet products provide highly reliable, secure and fast data connectivity.



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