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About Gamma Ethernet

As more services move into the cloud, the need for fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity has become essential. Ethernet is Gamma’s premium service for businesses demanding high-availability and high-capacity.

Ethernet services can help reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support. We offer scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy services and we deliver dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your customers’ voice and data traffic.

Fibre Ethernet is ideal for businesses that wish to converge voice and data on a single connection and by using Gamma they’ll benefit from significant cost savings while enjoying the ease of dealing with a single, accountable supplier.

A fully-managed and monitored service, it is backed by Gamma’s exacting SLAs and 24×7 support, giving you peace of mind and leaving your customers free to concentrate on their business.

The benefits of Gamma Ethernet

High-capacity and flexible connectivity

Our Fibre Ethernet service delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth. Not only is it fast, but flexible too so you can start small and upgrade later

Dedicated and uncontended bandwidth

The uncontended, low latency service provided by our network makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services

Highly reliable connections

Not only do you benefit from the significant cost savings gained by consolidating your voice and data to one connection, but you can also buy with complete confidence from one of the market leaders in IP telephony

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24/7 monitoring and helpdesk

Our services are continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of service and immediate action where necessary

Managed router

We manage the router on your customers’ premises to keep it running at peak performance

Service Level Agreement for peace of mind

Our comprehensive SLAs cover delivery, performance, availability and time to fix, giving your customers peace of mind and leaving them free to run their business

Maximise productivity

Provide employees with quick and reliable access to the critical files and applications they need so that your customers’ business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency

What services are available?

Fibre Ethernet

This service is delivered using end-to-end fibre optic connections and provides:

  • Options to deliver services over either 100Mbps or 1Gbps circuits
  • Symmetric speeds from <10Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Robust SLAs around performance and availability
  • A six clock hour break fix time
  • 24/7 monitoring with UK-based helpdesk

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

Our EFM service is delivered over aggregated copper pairs and provides:

  • A lower cost option to Fibre Ethernet
  • Symmetric speeds of up to 35Mbps
  • Much faster delivery times than Fibre Ethernet
  • Robust SLAs around performance and availability
  • An eight clock hour* break fix time
  • 24/7 monitoring with UK-based helpdesk

FTTC Ethernet

This service is delivered using Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology and provides:

  • A lower cost option to EFM
  • Symmetric speeds of up to 20Mbps with the option to purchase up to 80Mbps downstream
  • Faster delivery lead times than both Fibre Ethernet and EFM
  • Robust SLAs around performance and availability
  • An eight clock hour break fix time
  • 24/7 UK-based support

Are your customers getting the broadband service they deserve?

How to choose a vendor that looks after you and your customers

Gamma Broadband
By using Gamma Ethernet you’ll benefit from significant cost savings

Is it expensive to install?

No, we‘ve structured our pricing so that no capital outlay is required on 3 or 5-year contract terms; Ethernet is suitable for any size of organisation looking for fast and reliable connectivity.

Who do I sell Ethernet to

Businesses of all sizes choose Gamma for their data needs. Here are some examples of how we help them:

  • Meeting growing demand for bandwidth
  • Providing voice and data convergence for cost savings and additional functionality
  • Equipping the business for cloud-based services
  • Enabling large-scale IP telephony where ISDN is too expensive and inflexible

How long does it take to install?

Installation times vary based on technology type. FTTC Ethernet can be delivered over an existing WLR3 line in as little as 20 working days. EFM can be delivered over multiple resilient copper pairs in 30 working days and our high speed, scalable Fibre Ethernet in 60 working days.

Can I use my existing Fibre?

All quotations assume existing fibre is present and available for use, as per the industry standard. A site survey will still have to be carried out to ascertain whether the correct fibre is present and available for use.

Gamma provides secure and resilient Ethernet services to business

Is it secure?

A Gamma Ethernet service is inherently secure because it operates as a point-to-point service over a dedicated network infrastructure. However, if a connection is provided to the internet, additional security services such as firewalls will need to be implemented. Providing this security is the responsibility of the reseller. Our free fraud management services available through Horizon and Gamma SIP Trunks help protect you and your customers from fraudulent activity from endpoints that have fallen victim to hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends.

What does an uncontended service mean?

Ethernet is operated over a dedicated network that’s not shared with other network users. This means that you have access to 100% of your bandwidth at all times regardless of network conditions and the usage behaviour of other network users. In contrast to this, ADSL services operate over a shared network, where the capacity is shared with other network users, meaning that your speed can be affected by neighbouring premises downloading files at the same time.

We support our Fibre Ethernet product with robust, end-to-end SLAs that include 24/7 UK-based support.

How does Gamma ensure quality?

Our network was conceived and engineered specifically for business users. This means that at peak times your customers’ time-critical and business-critical applications will always be prioritised. Quality is assured through:

  • Extensive monitoring of all elements and metrics within the call path both TDM and IP including but not limited to, Post Dial Delay (PDD), Answer to Seize Ratio (ASR), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Perceptual Analysis of Speech Quality (PESQ) Score, Call Closure and Error codes for C7 and SIP signalling, Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, Trunk and Circuit occupancy, uptime and trends
  • Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services
  • Appropriate and timely alerts of potential issues and ‘hot spots’ to our 24×7 Network Operations Centre
  • Review of external and internal reports including customer feedback via support desks
  • Strict Change Control and Release Management process aligned with our suppliers and carrier partners to prevent related quality or service issues
  • Oversight through a monthly Quality Steering Group meeting chaired by our CEO that includes input output from our regular Platform Service Reviews, Capacity Management, Information Security and Business Continuity forums

Ethernet build-out programme

The need for access to robust and high bandwidth connectivity is paramount in today’s business market – with this mind we’re embarking on a national Ethernet build-out programme. This allows us to consume Openreach Ethernet access without the need for intermediary suppliers, enabling us to pass on these cost savings to you.

Ethernet and the digital economy

Given the importance of Ethernet in the evolving digital economy and the role it plays in delivering applications to UK businesses, it’s essential that you are able to provide a competitive and compelling Ethernet service to your customers. It’s a competitive market out there;
the demand for low cost Ethernet is substantial, but this doesn’t mean businesses are willing to sacrifice reliability and robustness, and nor should you. Ethernet is a premium connectivity service designed for business, which means delivering high availability and high bandwidth consistently with a premium support wrap.

We’re building!

We have undertaken a national build-out programme to help our partners provide not only an extremely price-competitive offer, but one that meets the same quality standards for delivery and support that Gamma partners are accustomed to. We are extending our core network into BT exchanges where we will consume Ethernet access directly from Openreach, cutting out any intermediary suppliers.

London is our starting point

As London is the largest catchment area for Ethernet sales, we have built a Metro Area Network (MAN). This connects us to 19 of the busiest exchanges and helps us reach businesses in 38,000 postcode areas.

Gamma Ethernet Build out programme to reduce costs

How does this benefit you?

It’s simple – you will have access to one of the most price-competitive Ethernet services in the market, up to 37% the Total Cost of Ownership of other resale services. And as there is no intermediary supplier and we own the wavelengths, we have much more control and visibility from order to in-life, enabling us to improve your customer’s experience.


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