The power of a desk phone on your mobile


Mobile devices are at the heart of how almost all businesses communicate and are now, more often than not, the device of choice for users. Despite the flexibility they provide, mobiles are designed for the individual user and behave like a communication island, independent and separate to the office phone system. On the other hand, the office desk phone provides all the productivity enhancing features such as reception services, access to the corporate directory, conferencing and call reporting, but is limited by its fixed nature.

Connect offers your customers the power of both, integrating our award winning hosted phone system, Horizon, with the Gamma mobile service. This allows them to access a range of features anytime, anywhere, regardless of device. By streamlining their business communications, your customers are able to provide their staff with the flexibility to work wherever they are and ultimately improve overall business productivity and customer service delivery.

Opportunity for the channel

Connect provides the channel with a differentiated proposition to take to market, allowing you to increase your margins from a single hosted voice or mobile sale to a joint hosted and mobile sale with expected long term contractual return. A single solution for fixed and mobile communications that is scalable, flexible and works on any mobile phone creates an opportunity for customers to shift their workloads seamlessly and follows the pattern and behaviour of how employees need and want to work.

Businesses that rely on a mobile workforce will find Connect a great asset. It can be adopted incrementally and at their own pace. With a simple price per user, your customers will also benefit from having just one provider and only paying for what they need. By combining the flexibility of a mobile device with all the business-class features of Horizon, Connect makes businesses more productive, customer service more responsive and costs more controllable.

Straightforward to use

Calls can be used in the same way as mobile calls, without using the data bundle. The Connect companion app gives users easy access to service features including visual voicemail and user settings.

Improve customer contact

Improve availability and responsiveness to customers and suppliers alike. With one number for all devices, users can receive all calls wherever they are, ensuring the customer experience is seamless.

Complete visibility

Gain a complete view of all calls across the entire business with Akixi call reporting. See key call statistics in real-time for all devices, keeping businesses informed and allowing them to make better operational decisions.

Call Recording

Calls are recorded whether the user is in the office or on the move, regardless of device, helping business address training, quality assurance and compliance needs.

One voicemail

Access one visual voicemail for both fixed and mobile devices, allowing users to pick up and respond to messages from any location.

Local presence

Outbound calls from mobile devices can also present the business number. Helping to ensure calls are more likely to be answered and maintaining a more professional appearance.

Companion app

The MyConnect companion app provides an enriched experience and gives you the power of your desk phone on your mobile device.

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What is Connect?


The power of a desk phone on your mobile

Who do I sell Connect to?


Dynamic businesses that want flexibility

Businesses can allow employees who are regularly out of the office to work productively on the move. Horizon features are available on their mobile so they will have their business communication system available wherever they are.


Organisations that want to be always available to their customers

A missed call can be a missed opportunity or can decrease customer satisfaction. With Connect calls reach the mobile devices and there is one voicemail system across fixed and mobile, avoiding missed important messages. Features like Hunt Groups also work well with mobiles making sure that there is always the right person in the business to answer.

Phone and Tablet

Businesses conducting sales and engaging with customers typically on the move

Connect brings the benefits of a landline on a mobile, making the mobile office a reality. Being able to present a landline from the mobile makes engaging with customers or prospects more effective and avoids publishing the mobile number.


Organisations with multiple sites and a distributed workforce

Connect improves internal communications and cooperation by providing the employees with the same tools and features on any device. The same dial plan, extension numbers, advanced call features are also available on the mobile devices so the right person can always be contacted whenever needed.


Organisations planning to streamline their communications

For companies who are planning to simplify their communication systems or planning the shift to mobile, Connect offers a hosted service which joins up all their landline, laptop and mobile communications, removing unnecessary hardware. Businesses can avoid maintaining multiple contracts and can move to one provider for all their communication needs.

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