Bringing fixed and mobile communications together


Mobile phones and services are at the heart of how almost all businesses communicate. Connect leverages the flexibility of mobiles and the business-critical features provided by a cloud PBX, allowing your customers to make use of the service’s features wherever they are. By streamlining the communication service, businesses can provide their staff with the flexibility to work on the go and ultimately improve the overall business productivity and responsiveness to customers.

Benefits of Connect

Connect integrates your customers mobile phones with their Horizon service, bringing landline, mobile and desktop communications together, to allow users access to the tools that matter most to them, wherever they are.

Increased Flexibility

Connect provides mobile users access to their Horizon service features such as Hunt Groups whilst maintaining the flexibility of a mobile phone and ultimately improving their availability, responsiveness and productivity.

Offer complete visibility

Your customers can improve the way they manage their business and better inform their communications planning and strategy. By using Connect, they will have an informed analysis of all calls made, received, missed, wait times and agent availability, all updated in real time across their mobiles, desktop applications and handsets.

Extend call recording to mobile workers

Calls are recorded whether in the office or on the move, helping businesses address training, quality assurance and compliance needs.

Keep communication simple

Provide your customers with an integrated mobile office experience through MyConnect, a smart companion application. MyConnect gives easy access to business contacts, voicemail and office settings, ensuring employees remain adaptable and responsive whenever they are away from their desks.

Stay in touch

All calls made and received are using Gammas converged VoIP network. As the mobile device can be used as the primary dialler, users have access to their unified business features whilst on the go. Users can also benefit from making internal calls from the mobile, seamlessly switching devices whilst on a call, all while relying on excellent business-grade voice quality.

Improve the customer experience

Your customers can improve staff availability and responsiveness with one business number whilst keeping ownership over the way they want to work. There is no need to publish and organise a range of mobile numbers, as staff will receive calls to their business number wherever they are.

Provide a local service

Users can choose the image they present through MyConnect. By presenting the business number from the mobile, calls are more likely to be answered and it gives the business a more professional appearance.

One visual voicemail

Your customers can stay on top of their communication and never miss an important voicemail again. Connect synchronises your fixed and mobile service, allowing users to access and respond to all messages from any location, using any device.

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What is Connect?



Bringing fixed and mobile communications together – anytime, anywhere

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Who do I sell Connect to?


Dynamic businesses that want flexibility

Businesses can allow employees who are regularly out of the office to work productively on the move. Horizon features are available on their mobile so they will have their business communication system available wherever they are.


Organisations that want to be always available to their customers

A missed call can be a missed opportunity or can decrease customer satisfaction. With Connect calls reach the mobile devices and there is one voicemail system across fixed and mobile, avoiding missed important messages. Features like Hunt Groups also work well with mobiles making sure that there is always the right person in the business to answer.


Organisations that need local presence

Expanding or running a business often requires local presence, Connect allows businesses to appear local without having a local office or phone line by providing geographic numbers and making them available from the mobile. Businesses can contact their customers always presenting the local number, even when calling from the mobile.

Phone and Tablet

Businesses conducting sales and engaging with customers typically on the move

Connect brings the benefits of a landline on a mobile, making the mobile office a reality. Being able to present a landline from the mobile makes engaging with customers or prospects more effective and avoids publishing the mobile number.


Organisations looking for complete call management reporting

Call management statistics often give an incomplete picture of the businesses communications because mobile calls are not included. Connect advanced call stats include all calls to and from the mobiles so a complete picture of the calling patterns can be provided at any point in time.


Organisations with multiple sites and a distributed workforce

Connect improves internal communications and cooperation by providing the employees with the same tools and features on any device. The same dial plan, extension numbers, advanced call features are also available on the mobile devices so the right person can always be contacted whenever needed.


Organisations planning to streamline their communications

For companies who are planning to simplify their communication systems or planning the shift to mobile, Connect offers a hosted service which joins up all their landline, laptop and mobile communications, removing unnecessary hardware. Businesses can avoid maintaining multiple contracts and can move to one provider for all their communication needs.

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