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Solution IP understood our needs right from the start. They acted quickly and professionally, and our new system is easy to use. Most importantly, it’s reliable. We are confident now that we can service our clients around the clock, which is exactly what we needed.

Holly Charlton, Practice Manager, Watkins and Tasker Vets

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Horizon helps veterinary surgery with telephone system across multiple sites

Watkins and Tasker Veterinary group have eight vets across the Bristol region, with a combined experience of 150 years of veterinary work.

As local business owners they strive to offer exceptional service to the local community. Their vets are supported by a team of nurses and administration support staff to ensure that their clients pets have the best possible experience, whether for routine healthcare, or in times of need.

They pride themselves on the quality of care they offer their clients, which includes seven day a week care and an out of hours service.

The challenge

The practice was previously using traditional PBX phone systems from multiple vendors. They needed a centralised system that would provide the flexibility to be operational out of core hours and have the ability to effectively re-direct calls when needed.

There was a concern at the surgery about moving multiple sites onto a centralised system, whilst ensuring that everyone could use the new system. Training would be required to ensure all members of staff would be comfortable with a brand new telephony system. This had to be achieved within tight timescales, so that minimum disruption was caused.

The business case for a new phone system escalated further when the phone system at one practice went down suddenly. This had a massive impact on the practice and its clients. Calls were diverted to another site but this could only realistically be a short term solution.

The surgery needed something that was sustainable and robust enough to protect them against future issues.

The solution

Solution IP started with a full review of the surgery’s current setup and assessed the improvements that could be made. It quickly became clear that moving over to the hosted Horizon phone system could address the immediate problem of the affected site going down. They would be up and running within two working days, minimising loss of business.

Moving quickly Solution IP took the surgery through their tried and tested pre-installation process, building the system at their head office. Installing a special, managed fibre connection at each practice ensured maximum call quality. This was a valuable addition to what the various practices’ had been using, great sound quality improved the overall experience of both employees and their clients.

Horizon has been fundamental in the way the surgery interacts with patients, especially out of hours communications. The process is more streamlined and their patients have benefited from an improved service, their stress is now minimised when a pet is taken ill as they can contact the surgery around the clock.

Solution IP installed the Horizon system quickly and ensured full on-site training was carried out for all key users across the practice. This was such a pain-free process that Watkins and Tasker rolled Horizon out across all practices to ensure everything was as cohesive as possible. Scaling up to this degree is testament to the Horizon product offering.


  • Improved voice capabilities with dedicated voice-only connections
  • Eliminated UK call charges
  • The practice benefited from a simple, flexible and easy to control phone system