Customer Experience

Why customer support is key to retention in the Channel


According to research by Gartner, most of today’s organisations (two thirds) are competing on the basis of customer experience, with 81% expecting to compete mostly or completely on this basis within the next two years.

In such a customer-centric time as 2019, the term has become a core focus for business leaders, with customers truly holding the power in today’s business-consumer relationships. But how does this affect the channel and what actions can be taken to move with this increasingly customer centric business landscape?

Adapt and adopt

With increasing pressure on operations and customer service teams, Gamma wanted to incentivise and encourage teams to take pride in going above and beyond for their customers, offering the best possible customer service.

Launching a “Top of the Ops” initiative, whereby each month the team nominates a fellow colleague for outstanding customer service based on feedback, Gamma wanted to highlight and reward those who adopt and adapt to increasing demand for exceptional customer experience, driving this as a key culture that starts with Gamma’s ‘shop window’, those at the forefront of the business.


Customer experience is about bringing the human element back in a world where tech could easily have an adverse effect on business-customer relations.

To help customers feel valued, and offer the best possible customer experience, Gamma’s support lines offer an escalation path from experienced Team Leaders, all the way up to the CEO, so our customers can reach whichever level of support they feel they need at any given point.


In this information age, customers want to access key information themselves, without the complexity of multiple platforms and multiple processes. With today’s consumer being accustomed to being able to troubleshoot, research and problem solve autonomously, Gamma’s Portal delivers a ‘first port of call’ platform with marketing solutions, customer service and support resources, billing and reporting and training resources all under one roof. The popular Gamma Portal encompasses any ‘self-serve’ elements which allow customers to improve their own efficiency and support their existing base all from one platform.


Response speeds are key to delivering a valuable customer experience at a time when the ‘impatient generation’ of millennials make up a large percentage of the workforce, digital native consumers are demanding faster, more efficient processes, omnichannel communications and quicker response times from support teams. Speed of communication is key, essentially for suppliers – knowing what to prioritise is key.


We all know it already. Today’s customers expect to be made to feel special, to feel that their experience is unique to them or that the relationship has been tailored toward them specifically. Gamma’s support teams have a specialist scope of responsibility and a shared scope of responsibility. Upskilling and cross skilling of agents to have a more focused approach and exposure to a specialist area whilst still maintaining shared responsibility and understanding. This has allowed more collaborative working in the teams to offer a higher level of support to our partners.

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