Gamma announces strong 2015 results


Gamma, a leading, technology based provider of communications services to the  UK business market, is pleased to announce its audited results for the year ended 31 December 2015.

Financial highlights

Years ended 31 December
2015 2014 Change (%)
Revenue £191.8m £173.2m 10.7%
Gross Profit £82.3m £67.6m 21.7%
Gross Profit margin 42.9% 39.0% +3.9%
EBITDA £29.9m £17.9m 67.0%
Adjusted EBITDA* £28.3m £23.1m 22.5%
Profit Before Tax £22.6m £11.5m 96.5%
Adjusted Profit Before Tax* £21.0m £16.7m 25.7%
EPS 19.6p 10.0p 96.0%
Adjusted EPS* 17.9p 15.0p 19.3%
Dividend per share 6.60p 3.95p (final); 5.93p (pro-forma) 11.3%
Net operating cash inflow before tax** £25.3m £19.4m 30.4%
Net operating cash inflow before tax** / Adjusted EBITDA* 89.4% 84.0% +5.4%


* before share based payments and exceptional items (and associated tax effects where relevant)
** being “Net Cash flows from operating activities” plus “Taxes paid” before exceptional cashflows

Note: The above consolidated results relate to Gamma Communications plc

Operational highlights

  • The number of installed SIP Trunks increased from 234,000 to 360,000 (54%)
  • The number of Cloud PBX users increased from 80,000 to 142,000 (78%)
  • Gross profit from indirect business increased from £52.4m to £64.1m (22.3%) driven by growth in SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX
    • Modest gross profit decline of 1% in traditional calls and lines; ahead of the market trend
    • The number of Channel Partners grew from 725 to 834 (15%)
  • Strong growth in direct business, gross profit up from £15.2m to £18.2m (19.7%)
    • Key wins include Taylor Wimpey, Moneysupermarket, Metrobank and The Law Society
  • Good progress in the public sector, key wins include Peabody Housing Trust and a number of NHS Trusts
  • Continue to invest in product development
  • New mobile service remains on target for launch in June 2016

Bob Falconer, Chief Executive Officer, commented

“We are pleased with the progress we have made in 2015. Our current strategic products of SIP and Cloud PBX have continued to drive growth. A growing reputation in the enterprise and public sector markets has helped us win sizeable orders, such as HMRC, via a channel partner and Taylor Wimpey and Peabody Housing through our own direct sales teams. Excellent progress has also been made with our pipeline of new products; our multi-site data network was launched on time at the end of June 2015, our new mobile service is scheduled for full launch in June 2016, whilst at the same time significant value adding enhancements have been made to our strategic products. We are also investing in reducing the cost of our access network by extending our own network capability deeper into local areas, with the first, reduced cost, access sites in London coming on line in May 2016.”