The following statement is for Gamma Communications plc group of companies including Gamma, The Loop, Dean One, Schiphol Connect, Nimsys, Telsis and Exactive.

In response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Gamma is taking mitigating steps in preparation for the pandemic as it unfolds. The health and safety of our people, customers and partners is paramount to us and we are closely monitoring recommendations from public health authorities.

Our businesses are fully prepared for site closures and remote working should this be required; we view the risk of any disruption to customer services as minimal. In the UK, Gamma direct and wholesale are certified to the ISO22301 business continuity standard and we are working to a three-stage impact business continuity plan which can be viewed here.

We are also working closely with our technology partners to assure continuity of hardware supply across our products and services.

Whilst Gamma, like most other public companies worldwide, has had its share price affected as a direct result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the company still remains in excellent financial health; we are debt free, have cash in the bank and our income is largely based on recurring revenue and margins. As such we remain in a strong trading position, particularly against our peers in the market; we are well placed and prepared to see this period through and so our customers, partners and suppliers should have confidence in the services that we continue to provide them.