Case Study Request Form

We are excited that you have expressed an interest/willingness to show your support and advocacy of Gamma with a case study.

The process will be simple and aim to take as little of your time as possible.

There will be an initial call with you, our marketing representative and your BDM/Account manager – we will then write a first draft that we will send to you for approval. We will iterate based on your feedback and you will have final approval before it is used.

Please indicate below where and how you are happy for us to use the information gathered from the case study (following your approval of the copy).
We will arrange a telephone interview with you. The below is an indication of the questions we will ask, if you have anything you would like to provide us with prior to that interview, please add your notes below.
Tell us more about your company?
What challenges were facing you at the time of considering Gamma?
What solution did you choose and why?
What outcomes did you see after implementing the solution?
What was the benefit to you ?
How was the overall process working with Gamma?
Will you be expanding your relationship with Gamma over the coming months? If so how – and how can we help you more?
Would you recommend Gamma to your peers? If so why?
Would you like to add a particular quote to call-out anyone or anything particular that you like about Gamma/our solution?
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