Case Studies

Delivering quality customer service is at the core of everything we do at Gamma. As a result, our Net Promoter Score is consistently well above industry average. This is  thanks to our technical expertise and customer delivery and support teams.

Find out what our customers say about us, how our solutions have helped them to transform their business communications and underlying infrastructure, and get to know the level of service and support you can expect from working with Gamma through our business telecoms case studies.

Gamma migrated some 3,000 existing direct dial phone numbers to a new SIP-based system along with adding a further 1,000 numbers to cope with planned expansion. Gamma’s Inbound service was also deployed to provide flexibility and fail-over capacity.

University of Essex

Lagan Management’s multiple sites were migrated over to Gamma’s Horizon virtual PBX over the course of 12 months, playing an important role in supporting the organic growth of the group.

Lagan Management

Gamma installed 14 SIP trunks to replace costly legacy ISDN lines. By doing so, Gamma has delivered a more than 20 percent reduction in call and line costs for LMCU.

London Mutual Credit Union

Gamma was chosen by Killik & Co to provide SIP trunks, ISDN circuits and the cloud-based Inbound call management and routing platform. All of this works with Killik & Co’s in-house Cisco Call Manager PBX to deliver a highly resilient telephony solution.

Killik & Co

Gamma’s Horizon hosted telephony solution was a perfect fit for CS Healthcare, offering many advantages over ISDN and onpremise hardware. We provisioned Horizon extensions for 70+ staff using the existing network infrastructure as well as our Inbound cloud-based call-handling and routing platform.

CS Healthcare

Gamma supplied 20 SIP channels, and another 20 channels for fail over purposes, all connecting over China Construction Bank’s existing Ethernet links. We also provided a calls package offering highly competitive call charges, including to mainland China.

China Construction Bank

Gamma was chosen for the NHS 111 SIP deployment, poviding 1,200 channels into Care UK’s dual top-of-the-range Avaya switches. For the estate-wide consolidation programme, Care UK also chose Gamma’s Horizon platform.

Care UK

Gamma supplied AgFe Management with our Horizon cloud hosted phone service together with multi-channel cloud-based call recording. In addition to VVX411 desk phones and IP5000 conferencing phones from Polycom, we also supplied our custom Horizon desktop and mobile apps to support remote and mobile working.

AgFe Management

Gamma replaced The Open University’s legacy services with 600 resilient SIP trunks and a number of dedicated and resilient data connections.

The Open University

Gamma supplied 120 SIP channels to De Montfort over their existing JANET connection, with the option to increase the number of channels for the duration of the clearing period.

De Montfort University

In preparation for an expected bumper clearing day at Northumbria University, Gamma backed up the SIP-based solution with our ‘Hosted for Clearing’ solution. Our Horizon cloud-hosted telephony platform is installed on a temporary basis and is instantly scalable so it can be enabled during busy periods such as clearing, or as required.

Northumbria University

Gamma provisioned SIP trunking over JANET to the college’s Cisco PBX and ported over a block of 399 numbers seamlessly and without fuss or disruption. A separate, diversely routed fibre connection will, when added, provide robust connectivity back up.

City of Glasgow College

Gamma provisioned managed data links for Virgin Wines’ three sites providing Ethernet, SIP and Internet connectivity to complement its existing ISDN telephony. As the business grew we were asked to provide additional capacity and resilience and this was achieved by adding further links using diverse routing.

Virgin Wines

Gamma Inbound services have been activated across all of American Golf’s stores, enabling the company to have complete control over inbound calls. Using our advanced calling features (personalised auto attendant, call queuing and call whisper to name a few), American Golf have the ability to change the messages each of their stores delivers to its customers.

American Golf

Hosting Cathay Pacific’s 100 DDI numbers in the cloud, Gamma’s Inbound solution means the airline is no longer relying on a third party to implement redirects on its behalf. It now has complete control over inbound call routing at the fingertips of its own staff either through a simple web interface or via a mobile phone app.

Cathay Pacific

Shoe Zone chose a calls and lines package from Gamma, covering every one of its retail outlets and its Leicester headquarters. Our Inbound service has allowed Shoe Zone to deploy an anonymous voicemail reporting service for store staff to report issues or make suggestions without disclosing their identity or their store location.  We also supply Shoe Zone with all its Mobile needs, managing over 180 mobile phones.

Shoe Zone

Thrifty chose a completely unified solution that integrated all of their key communications services. Gamma implemented a complete suite of products including fixed lines and calls, mobile, broadband and Inbound call management, all tied together by Horizon, a simple, flexible unified solution providing a fully integrated communications service.


Telephony in Metro Bank’s contact centres is now better integrated with service systems, allowing them to bring up customer files quicker, saving both customer and colleagues’ time.

Metro Bank

Gamma’s recommendation for American Golf was to consider our MPLS based WAN solution – Converged Private Networks (CPN). We converged their voice and data on to a single platform. This easy-to-manage solution provides strong connectivity and enables them to access business critical applications across multiple sites. CPN has ultimately improved the customers internal communications, providing American Golf with more flexibility and above all is helping them to achieve substantial cost savings.

American Golf (voice networks)

Gamma provided Thistle with an 03 number range to match their requirements and delivered bespoke commercials, ensuring this delivered value to the business. Thistle has now transferred every inbound number to Gamma. Now the platform allows them to make instant changes, 24×7 via the web-based portal, putting them in complete control, without having to wait for a third party supplier.

Thistle Insurance

bira chose Gamma’s Horizon hosted, cloud-based platform to support more than 70 extensions across both its locations. Connected by our Assured ADSL service and by a third party Ethernet solution respectively, Horizon met all bira’s requirements for continuity and, importantly, allowed call answering and handling at both locations from easy-touse ‘drag and drop’ reception consoles.


Gamma supplied SIP trunks, an on-premises IP PBX and IP phones to Sunset+Vine and Mentorn Media. We also provided 70+ mobile phones on competitive rates, together with mobile handsets and data SIMs for portable devices, all designed to complement their fixed line solution.

Sunset+Vine and Mentorn Media

We replaced NEL’s ISDN connections with two Ethernet load balanced connections back to two different Gamma data centres, giving 300 SIP connections. We worked with NEL to ensure that the porting of some 3,000 DDI numbers was seamless. NEL also chose to take our Inbound service, giving it direct and instant control over incoming call routing.


Hudson’s ISDN lines and on-premises PBX have gone. In their place Gamma’s Assured ADSL with guaranteed quality of service provides the highest quality voice connectivity to the outside world from new desk-top SIP phones, while Gamma’s Horizon solution delivers the intelligence that allows Hudsons to manage the system. The solution is priced on a per-user basis with all line items rolled in to a monthly fee with no up-front costs.


Keatons had Gamma deploy their Horizon hosted IP telephony platform. Needing no on-site hardware beyond the phone handsets themselves it is quick to provision new lines, rapid and easy to make changes in the way calls are handled and routed, and is highly flexible in the way it operates. Keatons staff like Horizon’s ease of use, its simple programmability and the full function Polycom phones supplied as standard.


Gamma brought the Knight Frank branch network up to date by replacing some 600 legacy PSTN lines and ADSL links with an Ethernet wide area network, delivering a 40 times increase in capacity and generating new opportunities for video and voice.

Knight Frank

Gamma provided Progress Housing Group with more than 100 single analogue connections, over 30 multiple analogue connections and three ISDN30 lines across the Progress Housing Group estate to meet its voice communications requirements. For data we provisioned an additional 42 ADSL broadband connections at the Group’s locations. Our ability to support both geographic and non-geographic numbers within the network was a major plus point, giving Progress Housing Group more control over call handling and routing.

Progress Housing Group

The British Heart Foundation has a long standing relationship with Semafone partner, Gamma, who provide the SIP Trunk related services for the delivery of phone calls into the BHF. Semafone worked very closely with Gamma during the project scoping phase and were able to map the BHF’s requirements against PCI DSS compliance.

British Heart Foundation

ABHB chose our combined calls and lines solution. Using Gamma SIP Trunks from the cloud wherever possible, the move involved changing a large number of lines over at smaller, outlying locations as well as those at high-volume central sites.

Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Gamma project managers helped Hidden Hearing run the entire migration project away from their legacy solution to our own next generation network. This ensured a smooth delivery of services on time and to plan. Phone connections at branches were replaced with MPLS virtual private network connections with ISDN available as backup, and analogue as further backup still – a real belt and braces approach.

Hidden Hearing

Using a number of public reference sites – including one other constabulary – Gamma were able to demonstrate our SIP solution to the Norfolk and Suffolk team. We then implemented 300 channels of load balanced SIP over 100Mbit diversely routed connections to Cisco PBXs at two of their data centres.

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary

Gamma transferred all of the First Wessex analogue and ISDN phone lines as part of a cost saving wholesale line rental (WLR) solution. First Wessex also moved all its calls over to a more competitive Gamma solution.

First Wessex