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The benefits of fibre broadband for the public sector

The benefits of fibre for the public sector blog

5 October 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

It’s estimated that by 2021, global internet traffic will have increased threefold from what it was in 2016, and will be 127 times what it was back in 2005. It’s also thought that this will coincide with mobile traffic exceeding PC traffic for the first time.

These changing demands mean that data services are, of course, increasingly vital for UK businesses operating in the digital age. It’s also imperative that the UK’s digital infrastructure is fit

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Issue 5 – What next for the WAN?

25 September 2018 | Alex Ayers

It’s official: Copper’s days as the go-to medium for carrying data over the final mile are numbered. Analysts have been predicting it for some time, and now reality is rapidly catching up. As evidence: Every significant WAN contract won by Gamma in the last 12 months involves enterprises cutting loose from metal and moving to glass. In unified communications, fibre is the new black.

As apps move at pace to the cloud, the need for a better

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The benefits of fibre optic networks for your customers

CP - The benefits of fibre optic networks for your customers

1 August 2018 | Justin Coombes

Providing high-speed connection for the modern workplace

As the digital age continues to gather pace, businesses need an internet connection that can keep up. Cloud technology has evolved into an integral platform for the everyday running of small to large businesses. From banking and accounting to customer communications and marketing, the dependence on the cloud is huge.

With such a monumental shift towards online systems your customers have a greater need than ever for a fast and

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What’s the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SMEs?

EU - Whats the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SME

7 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

2018 has already been a big year for regulatory compliance. The GDPR deadline day has come and gone – and in the noise that surrounded GDPR readiness, you may not have noticed that earlier in the year (February), the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard) version 3.2 came into effect.

PCI compliance has been a requirement, in one way or another, since 2004. And yet, according to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report,

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Are data services the key to arming the recruitment industry for the future?


23 May 2018 | Jamie Ward

The recent McKinsey report – Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation –  has offered compelling insights into what the future of work might look like as new technologies continue to emerge in an ever-changing digital market. Automation is expected to have a particularly far-reaching effect on workforces all over the world, with around 50% of today’s work-related activities thought to have the potential to be automated (at least theoretically).

For workers,

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