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What will the cloud look like in 2020?

28 March 2018 | Cem Ahmet

We’ve come a long way since Salesforce began paving the way for cloud computing almost two decades ago, with the first example (as it was then) of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Of course, Amazon Web Services (AWS) followed in 2002 and eventually changed the market entirely. However, what started as a disparate set of tools and services back then is a far cry from the on-demand cloud computing platforms it consists of today, offering more

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Let the cloud help your small business grow. Here’s how

5 March 2018 | Jamie Ward

So, you’re a small business owner who likes to think big. In an ideal world, you would have the same cyber security measures as a major tech firm. The ERP capabilities of a huge internet retailer. Or, the same granular data insights as an international conglomerate.

But you’re only a small business.

Size used to mean that these things were beyond your reach. Not anymore. With cloud technology, businesses of all sizes and sectors are now in

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Reducing risk with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) methodology

Reducing risk with the Total Cost of Ownership methodology

10 August 2017 | Jamie Ward

As a simple example, consider the price of an airline ticket. Which is less expensive: a £1,000 fully refundable fare or a £500 non-refundable ticket? The answer depends on the likelihood of a change in plans. This is not trivial; airlines make considerable revenue related to change fees. That same risk is generally ignored in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies.For most companies, TCO is becoming a relic of a simpler time as the cloud

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How cloud communications can reduce your business expenses

Cloud communications can reduce your business expenses

9 August 2017 | Jamie Ward

There’s a good reason why Cloud Communications is a trending buzzword among businesses. By tossing their premise-based phone systems, companies are discovering new, streamlined methods of communication, while reducing a number of risks.

Hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office, so it eliminates many of the practical and technical headaches that plague more traditional onsite systems. This explains why hosted call centre services have been steadily increasing in

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