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Five things you didn’t know about selling voice in the channel

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10 May 2019 | Justin Coombes

Whether you’re an aspiring channel seller or an established Gamma partner, keeping abreast of key industry trends and changes is vital. But it’s not just a matter of staying up to date with the newest tech. Here’s our rundown of five things you might not know about selling voice in the channel. Keeping on top of industry knowledge is

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Five top tips for optimising your channel pipeline

3 April 2019 | Justin Coombes

From staying on top of changing technology trends to vying with new marketing tools, channel resellers have a lot to juggle. As a result, management of your sales pipeline can sometimes take a back seat. But to run successfully, it needs to be continually nurtured and optimised. Looking for some inspiration for how to go about it? Here’s five tips to consider.

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Integrated marketing checklist for beginners


27 March 2019 | Justin Coombes

With the rapid rise in digital channels now available to marketers, and smartphone usage a daily norm, customers are leading far more integrated lives when it comes to how they consume information. As they move seamlessly between different platforms, online and offline, they expect a unified, cohesive experience wherever and however they encounter your business.

Customers no longer have to wait to be marketed to, they’re proactively going out to find the information they’re

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Have your customers got disparate teams? Unified Communications is the answer

12 March 2019 | Justin Coombes

For the most part, the days of one organisation working from a single location are gone. No longer restrained by the need for employees to physically be in the same room, businesses are able to make the most of talent across the country, or globally. So, the chances are, either some or all your customers have disparate teams – whether that’s in different

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Clearly communicating service: Why channel partners risk confusing the customer


5 March 2019 | Justin Coombes

The channel move to hosted services is well underway. Many channel partners have already made the transition from license to service-based revenues. You may have already experienced greater revenue from service-based offerings.

But what do we mean when we talk about services? As a channel partner, you will traditionally take products and solutions from vendors and add your own value on top.

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