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Three ways to link unified communications to your customers’ business strategy

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16 December 2019 | Justin Coombes

For many businesses, upgrading their communications platform might seem like a tactical decision rather than a strategic one. But how can unified communications (UC) actually support the biggest strategic priorities for growing businesses? Luckily, there are key messages you can bring to the fore to demonstrate that UC is more than just a communications platform – it’s a strategic business enabler.

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How to talk to your customers about unified communications

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13 December 2019 | Justin Coombes

Unified Communications (UC) is the future for businesses large and small. Whether it’s email, SMS, instant messaging, social networks, video conferencing, or real-time collaboration tools, most organisations have numerous platforms, devices and apps that employees must juggle every day just to get their jobs done.

It’s little wonder the global UC market is set to explode over the next few years, growing to

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Five must haves when creating a winning marketing plan

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18 November 2019 | Justin Coombes

In our increasingly competitive market, having a marketing plan is a must if you want to stay ahead. However, just thinking about the time that goes into creating a marketing plan and the pressure to come up with unique ideas can put people off. Some may attempt to create a plan but struggle to find the time to come up with any ideas.

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Top ways Accelerate can help shape your 2020 marketing plan

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17 November 2019 | Justin Coombes

A clear and strong sales strategy is the perfect launchpad for success if you want to hit your growth goals. But behind every great sales strategy, you need a killer marketing plan .

With 2020 just around the corner, how are your marketing plans shaping up? Whether you already have a jam-packed campaign calendar scheduled, or you’re taking a more ‘ad-hoc’ and hope

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Top tips for creating winning marketing content


16 September 2019 | Justin Coombes

Developing your company’s marketing content takes a special skill that builds trust and positions your brand as an authority while avoiding a sales pitch. Easier said than done! So, we’ve pulled together our top tips for creating marketing content that performs:

You work in the same industry as your target audience, so start by thinking, ‘would I want to read that?’.

If you’re struggling to

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