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Helping your retail customers meet demand at Christmas

CP - Helping your retail customers meet demand at Christmas

3 Dec 2018 | Justin Coombes

Even as consumer shopping habits continue to evolve (with a greater reliance on digital and mobile, there’s one thing that doesn’t change – and that’s the fact that Christmas is the busiest time of year for retailers of all shapes and sizes.

While many retailers are generally reported to be struggling (even some of the UK’s ‘high street titans’ are feeling the pinch), sales are nevertheless expected to pick up again at the end of this

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Top tips for supporting your customers’ digital transformation journeys

CP - Top tips for supporting your customers digital transformation journeys

3 Dec 2018 | Justin Coombes

Business leaders know about the need for operational efficiency. They also know that digital transformation is probably the best way to get there. Many businesses are already pursuing change, with Forrester predicting this would be the year that we’d cross the 50% threshold for cloud platform adoption in enterprises.

However, there are still many roadblocks to transformation being experienced by your customers. We uncovered some of the main ones in this recent blog, including resource and

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Five must haves when creating a winning marketing plan

Business planning meeting

28 Nov 2018 | Justin Coombes

In our increasingly competitive market, having a marketing plan is a must if you want to stay ahead. However, just thinking about the time that goes into creating a marketing plan and the pressure to come up with unique ideas can put people off. Some may attempt to create a plan but struggle to find the time to come up with any ideas.  Others may choose to just repeat what they did last year –

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The top three digital transformation challenges faced by your customers

top three digital transformation challenges

14 Nov 2018 | Justin Coombes

It’s top of the agenda for every CIO or IT leader out there and carries huge importance with it. But that doesn’t make digital transformation easy. Indeed, the scale and complexity of the projects aligned to transformation can cause big headaches for the people in charge of it. Meaning that the end goal, whether it’s modernised devices, better security, cost savings or efficiency, can feel a long way away.

For channel partners like you, this is

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Educating your retail customers on the advantages of customer WiFi

Educating Retail on the Advantages of Customer Wifi

12 Nov 2018 | Justin Coombes

Read any retail-related news story these days and, the chances are, it’ll have a touch of the doom and gloom about it. With many retailers struggling to reinvent themselves quickly enough as the digital age marches on, many brands are being forced to close stores, and experts are busy trying to get to the bottom of it all – is it because of the internet, the economy or business rates? Does the weather, of all

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