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The channel in 2018. When to start planning for what’s next?

15 August 2017 | Justin Coombes

Most of the 2018 planning blogs you’ll read will emerge at some point in November or December, when Christmas is nearly here and the turn of the year is days away, rather than months.

We’re taking a different approach. Because, in reality, no one plans for the following year at the very end of the current one. And for channel partners it’s essential to think about what customers are going to expect from their business communications

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Reality vs expectations: A new reason to invest in the cloud

Reality vs expectations: A new reason to invest in the cloud

17 July 2017 | Justin Coombes

It has become generally accepted that digital transformation is a necessary journey that all businesses have to embark on. Most acknowledge that customer expectations have shifted and that digital strategies must change with them.

But what do IT decision-makers actually expect from digital transformation? Do they get more or less than they bargained for? To find out, Gamma surveyed 407 IT decision-makers about their experiences with digital change within their organisation.

It turns out there’s a big

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Building the foundations of digital transformation

Building the foundations of digital transformation

29 June 2017 | Justin Coombes

There’s no magic formula for a successful digital transformation programme. The mix of technologies needed will depend on the size and sector of the business in question. Similarly, the structure and culture of the organisation will dictate how a digital transformation strategy is planned, executed and managed.

However, one thing unites all businesses – the need to have a robust IT and telephony estate in place before anything more ambitious can be done. If we consider

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Why voice remains central to a seamless customer experience

why voice is critical to business success

5 May 2017 | Justin Coombes

When it comes to digital transformation, all stakeholders want different things. Perhaps IT wants more cloud technologies to enable a flexible infrastructure. Or procurement requires more agile tools in order to work more effectively. Or, HR needs more automation to speed their processes along. Yet irrespective of these demands, one set of needs trumps (and drives) them all: the need of the customer.

With the proliferation of consumer touchpoints – social media, email, mobile apps –

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Understanding the drivers of digital transformation

digital transformation is at the heart of revolutionizing business

13 April 2017 | Justin Coombes

Remember when IT departments were just a supplier to the rest of the business? A new member of staff needs a laptop? Ask IT. Marketing wants a new website? Ask IT. Accounts need new software installed? Ask IT.

While in-house IT teams still fulfil this transactional role, their remit has widened considerably. Not only is IT now focused on smarter tools and technologies that make their organisations run fast, safe and seamlessly, more and more CIOs

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