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Clearly communicating service: Why channel partners risk confusing the customer

Gamma channel blog

30 November 2017 | Justin Coombes

The channel move to hosted services is well underway. Many channel partners have already made the transition from license to service-based revenues. You may have already experienced greater revenue from service-based offerings.

But what do we mean when we talk about services? As a channel partner, you will traditionally take products and solutions from vendors and add your own value on top. In this sense, anything from implementation to consultancy to hosting to IT support could

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Give your customers the data that they want

Finding the data service to support your business

19 October 2017 | Justin Coombes

Are there any businesses out there who are yet to take advantage of the cloud? Who aren’t consuming at least a few critical applications as a service? Who are not using our most game-changing business technology?

Probably not.

For most of your customers, cloud platforms are increasingly the base on which new products, services and business models are built. Which means that excellent connectivity is more than just important, it’s essential for survival.

This need for reliable data

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What does GDPR mean for channel resellers?

GDPR for channel resellers

27 September 2017 | Justin Coombes

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is playing on every IT Director’s mind. Which means it should be on yours, too. Businesses wanting to get their telecoms infrastructure ready for the May 25th, 2018 deadline will need all the help they can get from their suppliers.

The most notable impact the GDPR will have on your customers will be the two-tiered penalty structure that could see them fined up to €20 million in the event

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Voice in the channel: Five things every customer wants

5 September 2017 | Justin Coombes

A reseller’s main goal is to make it easy for other businesses to operate. So, it’s a no brainer that providing voice services should be part of a converged offering. Voice channels are still preferred by many people for dealing with queries and complaints – ahead of email, text, video conferencing and social media.

But when it comes to voice, not all resellers are making the most of the product. They’re favouring new, innovative forms of

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The channel in 2018. When to start planning for what’s next?

15 August 2017 | Justin Coombes

Most of the 2018 planning blogs you’ll read will emerge at some point in November or December, when Christmas is nearly here and the turn of the year is days away, rather than months.

We’re taking a different approach. Because, in reality, no one plans for the following year at the very end of the current one. And for channel partners it’s essential to think about what customers are going to expect from their business communications

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