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Have your customers got disparate teams? Unified Communications is the answer

12 March 2019 | Justin Coombes

For the most part, the days of one organisation working from a single location are gone. No longer restrained by the need for employees to physically be in the same room, businesses are able to make the most of talent across the country, or globally. So, the chances are, either some or all your customers have disparate teams – whether that’s in different

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Q&A: Top Tech Trends for channel resellers

1 March 2019 | Justin Coombes

We sat down with Gamma’s Product Director, Alan Mackie, to quiz him on the top tech trends for channel partners to be aware of this year. Touching on everything from the cloud, AI, machine learning and the IoT, to full fibre and 5G, as well as an emerging role for channel partners in IT security… Check out our checklist

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How can Unified Communications truly benefit your customers?

15 February 2019 | Justin Coombes

Your customers, no matter what industry, will all be juggling similar challenges. There’s the need to update legacy infrastructure and adopt new technologies in line with their digital transformation goals, to become more productive and more efficient, and of course to make cost-savings where possible. At the same time, they’re striving to deliver a great customer experience (CX), as well as ensuring staff

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Top tips for supporting your customers’ digital transformation journeys

CP - Top tips for supporting your customers digital transformation journeys

3 December 2018 | Justin Coombes

Business leaders know about the need for operational efficiency. They also know that digital transformation is probably the best way to get there. Many businesses are already pursuing change, with Forrester predicting this would be the year that we’d cross the 50% threshold for cloud platform adoption in enterprises.

However, there are still many roadblocks to transformation being experienced by your customers.

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The top three digital transformation challenges faced by your customers

top three digital transformation challenges

14 November 2018 | Justin Coombes

It’s top of the agenda for every CIO or IT leader out there and carries huge importance with it. But that doesn’t make digital transformation easy. Indeed, the scale and complexity of the projects aligned to transformation can cause big headaches for the people in charge of it. Meaning that the end goal, whether it’s modernised devices, better security, cost savings

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