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Bringing the mobile revolution to your customers in 2017

20 January 2017 | Justin Coombes

The business mobile revolution shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. And, with the growing freelance economy and continued spread of flexible working practices, channel partners should anticipate that their customers’ mobile needs will become greater and more complex over the year ahead.

Businesses will need to make sure their telecoms systems provide users with the same functionality on their mobile phones as they have come to expect from their desktop phones. They will also

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Taking the reins. How can you give your customers a true business-class mobile service?

Business-class mobile service

19 October 2016 | Justin Coombes

These are exciting times for resellers. According to research from HPE Aruba, 85% of SMEs are seeking advice from their IT partner to take advantage of digital transformation projects, including mobile and telecommunication strategies. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for resellers to make a name for themselves as a trusted source of telecoms advice and be recognised as leaders in the field.

To do this, many have become mobile dealers with the big

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The connectivity boom and how you can benefit


19 October 2016 | Justin Coombes

We live in an increasingly mobile world.

In a personal setting, mobile phones are a key lifestyle device, enabling people to stay in touch and access information when at home and on the go. According to Ofcom, 93% of UK adults own a mobile phone and more people use smartphones than they do laptops to access the internet. In the workplace, mobiles form an integral part of modern business operations. In fact, research from the Federation

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Staying mobile: how resellers can keep up with customers

Staying mobile

17 October 2016 | Justin Coombes

For mobile resellers, the marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Shifting consumer demand has led to many resellers needing to amp up their product offering to ensure all customer needs are met. Telecommunication convergence has led to more IT specialists entering the field, which has led to a narrowing the supply and demand gap. On top of this, the constant drive to achieve the best margins while delivering superior customer service has meant that resellers are

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Mobile Manifesto: giving channel partners the edge

how mobile is the key to unlocking your mobile workforce

26 September 2016 | Justin Coombes

In any modern marketplace, the value of differentiation is huge. Being able to stand out from the crowd with a unique product offering, or a specific area of expertise, is a marketing win that can give any company an untouchable competitive advantage. And when a marketplace becomes busier, the need to extend these points of difference becomes all the more important.

That’s the current state of play in mobile telecommunications reselling, where more channel partners than

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