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Five benefits of SIP your customers need to hear about

1 December 2017 | Justin Coombes

The channel market is a crowded one – meaning anything that can help a reseller stand out from its competitors will go a long way.
Adding SIP trunking to your portfolio is one route. Its wide-ranging benefits make it ideal for many customers wanting to save money, boost productivity and prepare the infrastructure for the future. And by combining SIP trunking with your other telecom offerings, you have the chance to upsell, cross-sell and offer a

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Why voice remains central to a seamless customer experience

Customer experience

5 May 2017 | Justin Coombes

When it comes to digital transformation, all stakeholders want different things. Perhaps IT wants more cloud technologies to enable a flexible infrastructure. Or procurement requires more agile tools in order to work more effectively. Or, HR needs more automation to speed their processes along. Yet irrespective of these demands, one set of needs trumps (and drives) them all: the need of the customer.

With the proliferation of consumer touchpoints – social media, email, mobile apps –

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The importance of telecoms talent for IT resellers

Telecoms talent

24 March 2017 | Justin Coombes

IT resellers have been spreading their wings for a few years now, offering their clients an increasingly diverse range of products and services. Predominantly because UK businesses looking to improve communications appreciate the simple one-stop-shop model that can give them the latest telecommunications systems, such as cloud-hosted telephony, as well as core IT services.

The market opportunity for cloud-based telephony in particular is huge. With a 35-40% margin available on reselling telecoms products, the appeal of

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The future of cloud telephony

Future of cloud telephony

28 October 2016 | Justin Coombes

Cloud technology is here to stay. What was once deemed a trend is now the new norm, with research from RightScale indicating that an overwhelming 93% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one form or another.

Its popularity stretches to businesses of all sizes and sectors, and its rapid uptake reflects the need for organisations to cater to modern business trends. Social and economic trends have led to the widespread adoption of BYOD, remote

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Put Your Customers Cloud Security Concerns to Bed

Gamma cloud

18 June 2015 | Justin Coombes

Customer concerns about cloud security are, on the whole, unfounded. We show you how to calm their fears when reselling a hosted PBX solution.

Moving infrastructure off-site is a nervous time for any business. Yet cloud-based technology, in particular hosted telephony, is fast-becoming the solution of choice for your retail customers.Much of the confusion surrounding cloud technology is due to customers not fully understanding the technology. As a reseller, it’s important that you educate your customers

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