The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

Healthcare sector procurement is progressively changing and N3 is “end of life”. This is actively being replaced by The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).  This is a very exciting development for the health and social care sectors  – it should really allow connected organisations to transform the way they communicate and collaborate with each other and fits with the vision promoted in NHS England’s Five Year Forward View.

A real focus on cloud and next-generation technology for communications has identified a need for change in the way the healthcare sector is selecting and considering their communications services. This focus was sparked in 2013 by the Government’s Cloud First initiative.

A suite of HSCN compliant data connections, from a single broadband connection to an MPLS network, can now be procured from a range of accredited and reputable providers who are able to offer expert guidance and fully managed solutions, tailored to the industry. This active, vibrant and competitive marketplace is resulting in reduced costs (certainly compared to N3!) and higher bandwidths for connected health and social care organisations to really focus on digitally transforming the way they deliver services and work together.

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) enables tighter collaboration in an efficient and secure way. Find out more here.

Voice is the key to Public Sector DX. To learn more about Digital Transformation, read our eGuide.

Voice is key to public sector

HSCN isn’t only for migrating existing N3 connections.  Groups in the wider public, private and third sectors who need to communicate with the NHS can now get a connection too.  A simplifying of this “network of networks” should really drive forward change.Technology such as cloud computing and AI are transforming the way our public sector organisations operate. The wider view on digital transformation aims to alleviate the pressures of finding reliable, secure and integrated solutions designed to enable more collaborative working.

Effective data connectivity can power your organisations digital transformation considerably, including supporting the right voice overlay services. You can read our recent public sector survey to find out why voice remains an essential way to communicate, what the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation are, and how 100 other IT decision makers in the public sector are dealing with the changes.


4 December 2018 | Sam Winterbottom


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