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Gamma appoints new Head of Direct Partner Sales & SME

EU - Gamma appoints new Head of Direct Partner Sales & SME

8 February 2019 | Neil Taylor

Following his recent appointment to a new position at Gamma, we took the opportunity to ask Neil Taylor, Head of Direct Partner Sales & SME, about his plans for the new role. Having been with Gamma for more than a decade, working closely with direct partners to deliver telecoms solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes, Neil will now be working directly

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How to stop having bad meetings

EU - How to stop having bad meetings

6 February 2019 | David Macfarlane

Are your meetings a real yawn? Do they start late, run long and wander off point at the drop of a hat? Do folks frequently have to stop to search for a copy of the file you were discussing or to find colleagues who need to weigh in?

It’s time to find a better way and to turn ho-hum meetings into focused, information-packed sessions

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4 tips to make your meetings more productive

EU - 4 tips to make your meetings more productive

6 February 2019 | David Macfarlane

On those days when there just aren’t enough hours to get everything done, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in an unproductive meeting. It’s a common dilemma. In fact, a recent study shows people spend at least 1 hour per day in unproductive meetings – wasting about 20 hours per month!

Fortunately, collaboration tools can now make ineffective meetings a thing of the past. Not

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Meetings – love them, or hate them?

EU - Meetings – Love them, or hate them

6 February 2019 | David Macfarlane

Step through the door of almost any business and you’ll discover meetings are a way of life. But ask people what they think about those meetings and you’ll soon discover competing camps.

Just look at the headlines below from respected business publications and you’ll see the range of opinions. Some think meetings are vital. Some agree, but think we’ve got to make

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Ethernet, everywhere: why full fibre is the connectivity underpinning digital transformation

4 February 2019 | Alex Ayers

Modern businesses are data-reliant and data-hungry. With many using a single converged network for both their data and voice communications, every organisation’s data services need to be up to scratch. Platforms like video conferencing are becoming prevalent across the board, and more and more business applications are moving to the cloud. Which means even carrying out basic day-to-day tasks is dependent

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