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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 3 – The Importance Of Business Communications

9 September 2019 | Neil Taylor

The importance of business communications

First of all, the term ‘communication’ is much broader than many people think. It’s more than me talking to you, or you explaining a process to a colleague or client. Going far beyond customer services and employee engagement, business communication embodies everything from your corporate branding to the ethos of your entire business. Essentially, it’s

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 2 – The Pros And Cons Of Instant Messaging For Businesses

2 September 2019 | Neil Taylor

The pros and cons of IM for businesses

Nothing’s ever that simple, is it? It would be great if we could detail a genuinely flawless strategy for any aspect of business management, including your communications strategy. However, then, it just wouldn’t be management, would it? Still, if you haven’t yet implemented instant messaging into your regular communication systems, here’s everything

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 1 – How Is Instant Messaging Used In A Business?

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26 August 2019 | Neil Taylor

How IM is used in a business

There was once a time when instant messaging was limited to use by only a few technologically-minded early adopters. Today, instant messaging is very much a mainstream pursuit, having been encouraged by the popularity of consumer apps including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

However, it remains tempting to be sceptical about the usefulness of instant

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How enterprises can use Unified Communications to tackle the challenges of the future

28 June 2019 | Alex Ayers

As we get ready to enter a new decade, businesses large and small face a long list of strategic challenges – and technology will play a vital role in meeting them, particularly when it comes to communications infrastructure.

Enterprises have an even more difficult task, given the scale of their operations: it’s not difficult to imagine how complicated building a future-facing technology strategy for

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SD-WAN: Finding a perfect storm for a use case

27 June 2019 | Alex Ayers

If you were to believe some of the more extreme marketing hype, you might think SD-WAN is the silver bullet for all of your WAN-related woes. But like any technology solution, the actual benefits and possibilities of SD-WAN will depend heavily on a number of factors unique to your organisation. It’s a complex technology, after all, and by no means an

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