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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 7 – Why Workplace Instant Messaging Is Hot Again

15 October 2019 | Neil Taylor

Why workplace IM is hot again

If you’ve ever had a workstation littered with Post-it Notes, you may have noticed your workspace becoming less cluttered in the last few years. After an initial ‘trial and error’ period of using instant messaging (IM) in the workplace when businesses started to connect to the internet, IM seemed to disappear from desktops as

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 6 – Why Is Effective Communication So Important In Business?

8 October 2019 | Neil Taylor

Why effective communications is so important in a business

There’s that old saying: “a problem shared is a problem halved.” Some would even go as far as saying that a problem shared is a problem solved . While this may be venturing into overly ambitious territory, modern business communications solutions offer the chance to go one step further…

Through fostering

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The Collaborate Series: Chapter 5 – What Is The Importance Of ICT In An Office?

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1 October 2019 | Neil Taylor

The importance of ICT in an office

The acronym “ICT” can be defined in dauntingly broad terms; standing for information and communications technology (or technologies), ICT refers to “the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing”, as explained in an article on the TechTarget website .

However, such is the considerable reach of ICT that a single, universal definition has

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 4 – What Is Application Sharing?

16 September 2019 | Neil Taylor

What is application sharing?

Application sharing is just what it sounds like. A moderated process of allowing other users to access applications, or even share your desktop, essentially, it allows users to access information remotely. Whether they’re using a mobile device or personal workstation, and no matter how many people require access, they can get to it in real time –

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The Collaboration Series: Chapter 3 – The Importance Of Business Communications

9 September 2019 | Neil Taylor

The importance of business communications

First of all, the term ‘communication’ is much broader than many people think. It’s more than me talking to you, or you explaining a process to a colleague or client. Going far beyond customer services and employee engagement, business communication embodies everything from your corporate branding to the ethos of your entire business. Essentially, it’s

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